Educate A Child Out Of Poverty

Educate A Child Out Of Poverty

From George C

1 in 6 Australian children grow up in poverty. Help us break the cycle of poverty by giving children a chance for a better education. Your donations go to purchase essentials like school books, uniforms or stationary.

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Imagine a child called Leo.

Leo came out of the examination room. He had just defended his project on maternal mortality in partial fulfillment of a degree as a medical doctor.

How time flies! He remembered that year when all he had were the tattered clothes on him. They were his best at the time. He looked back on the years when he had to sit dejectedly at intersections, looking into strangers’ eyes for help. His mother had died due to an untreated illness they thought was mild and would go away. He still remembered his mum's sunken eyes, the prominent begging eyes pleading that he be good. His mother's death left him an orphan as his father had died years back. His uncle took him in, but that didn't save him from a life of destitution and poverty. His uncle was no better than he was. He worked in a factory, where he worked his bones off and fed the both of them meagerly.

Leo was grateful for that factory. He still is. As it was there, his uncle ran into a man who introduced himself as a representative from a charity. This man took Leo up and helped his course. He was seen through high school, although he had to work extra hard to catch up with his peers. He got better at it, and the charity funded his medical career, seeing how promising he was.

Here he was, done with his final exams, and he had just defended his project brilliantly. His hope firmly alive and kicking. And now, all he could do was thank the charity for reaching out and saving him at a time he needed it the most. He was also grateful for the ones whose seemingly little donations had saved him from an eternity of penury and given him a chance at a new life.

Leo’s previous life is one too familiar.

Today, more than 3.24 million people in Australia live below the poverty line, amounting to 13.6% of the general population. Worse still, more than 1.2 million children and young people are currently living in poverty. The implication of this is that more than one in eight adults and one in six children live below the poverty line in Australia.

This is why I have started this crowdfunding campaign. I am trying to help children break free from Australia's vicious poverty cycle by equipping them and offering them a new life. Working with local organizations and charities such as The Smith Family and The Salvation Army your donations will be used to provide these children a quality education, starting from the provision of stationery, books, school uniforms, and more.

We could have more of Leos today with your kind and generous donations.

DONATE TODAY. Whatever you give would be used to change a child’s life. Join us. Let’s educate a child together!

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