Eating Disorder Treatment Help

Eating Disorder Treatment Help

From Hannah Huston-Smith

I'm raising money in order to be able to receive treatment for my eating disorder and other mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, OCD) which have significantly impacted my life in every aspect (including financially).

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I've had a severe eating disorder (anorexia) for the past 7 years of my life. I've also had acute anxiety all my life and struggled with depression the past 10 years. My eating disorder began as a coping mechanism for my anxiety and depression and of course over time only compounded the effects and since it began has taken over every single aspect of my life. I'm unable to maintain relationships, work, school, plan for the future, even carry out day to day tasks due to the physical and psychological impacts of these disorders. I'm naturally an extremely driven and hard working person, and have extensively educated myself on recovery from anorexia for several years. I have wanted nothing more than to recover and move on with my life for so long, and despite trying countless times, have been overcome by it every time. One of several reasons for this has been a lack of foundation to build my life and recovery off of--no relationships, direction with work and education, sense of self outside my ED as it began when I was a teenager. I intend to utilize treatment to not only kickstart my recovery but establish a foundation off of which to build my life in order to maintain long term recovery and be able to get better. I am so exhausted, alone, and empty, and am so sick of being sick. I want a chance to live again, to experience life as I haven't since this began, to give myself a fighting chance. There is so much I am passionate about and wish to do in this world, so much I want to contribute. But I have come to terms with the reality that I cannot do anything until I get better. 

The financial impact of my disorder, especially in the last couple of years, has been devastating, and while I long to work, I cannot do so and engage in treatment/recovery. I am not the type of person that readily asks for money, it really is incredibly difficult for me to do so and I have immense guilt around it, but I find myself with no other choice. Mental illness is as impactful and valid as any physical ailment, I truly do believe and have experienced that (having had both), and if one can find themselves in a position to support a person suffering from a physical disability/illness, mental illness/disorders should be treated no differently. That being said, I do not take any assistance that might be given for granted at all. I am profoundly grateful to anyone able and willing to help me in this regard. Even a small amount is so helpful, and my goal of $5,000 would literally change everything for me right now. 

The expenses I need help covering include insurance co-pays, medical bills/doctor visits (weekly labs and such), medication, and a transportation costs to get to treatment (between $150-200 from where I'm at). I sincerely hope to be able to make my own money again as soon as possible, but I also recognize that my recovery/treatment has to come first so I can fully heal and never have to do any of this again. Again, any help is enormously appreciated and would mean absolutely everything to me. I cannot live in this illness any longer and I will do whatever it takes to get better at this point. And as difficult as it has been to admit, I can't do it on my own. 

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