E-bike support for transportation -- cheap but effective!

E-bike support for transportation -- cheap but effective!

From Angel Garcia

It's simple: transportation isn't easy or convenient enough for everyone. An e-bike conversion kit can make a grand difference between the possible stress, exhaustion & demands of manually pedaling a bicycle many miles.

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Traveling isn't easy or convenient for everyone -- especially those with limited money and social support. The blessing of the bicycle gives one the cost-reduction of car maintenance and independence of travel potential, but still severely limits these means on the basis of physical demand. In general a bicycle is a great, cheaper and somewhat reliable method of travel, but is limited by its manual rider's ability to (literally) push through. 

A simple, cheap and feasible addition to this limitation/struggle would be an e-bike kit + some few tools and the grit of being inventive/creative! I figured something relatively cheap and simple (but thorough and respective enough) like converting a regular bicycle to an e-bike assist/electrical addition can very much help those who rely on bicycles for travel for various social, professional and even emergency-like situations. It's a big difference between having a car, insurance, gas, etc. vs. a simple & rechargeable, reusable system that drastically reduces exhaustion and increases travel capabilities without the added physical stress. If one were to need to travel 10+ miles with a heavy/strict schedule for, say, a job interview then manually forcing one to act upon these (not always) foreseeable events can really place tough demands on people without the means of obtaining a car license, sufficient income for gas/insurance/etc. payments, maintenance of a car/other costs and such. An e-bike transformation is simple, cheap and can be very rewarding to one who depends on the added notion or potential of travel for things like business, work potential and so on -- and requires nearly no extra maintenance costs/upgrades/etc. vs. a regular bicycle, but with the added means of lower-stress travel and transportation aid.

The basic idea is that I could greatly dedicate myself to travel for more work/independent contractor tasks, travels for potential interviews/social events, and even the means of simply travel out of dire necessity (i.e. a need to relocate/move; a way to get around between family, friends, work travel/needs, etc.). With such a low price I figured I could save up and do it, but even $200 can be a longshot for those literally keeping afloat financially, leaving almost nothing to pour in to this without sacrificing any emergency savings/etc. that situations/circumstances may beg for. A small contribution -- even a part of the goal -- would be tremendously appreciated since it helps me obtain this access which can dramatically change my quality of life in some levels (either now or) sometime in the future, given my newly found access to travel much easier for my mission in trying to increase productivity, work capabilities and just general independence of sorts.

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