DSST: Green Valley Ranch Robotics

DSST: Green Valley Ranch Robotics

From Paurakh Rijal

Please help the Denver School of Science and Technology Robotics team (team 7737) , a non-profit organization, reach their goal of student education and empowerment in STEM through the annual First Robotics competition.

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Students that participate in the DSST: Green Valley Ranch Robotics, like myself, support our school's long standing goals of empowerment by engaging students in complex engineering and problem solving situations that high school does not provide exposure to. Some examples may include: requiring students to work in a large group environments, think outside of the box, and production of  designs that meet specifically given criteria. Students are challenged to learn machining, engineering and teamwork. These are not part of the required curriculum for most school districts, but are incredibly helpful in many other areas that are outside of graduation requirements. Students learn to be leaders in our team and community by taking ownership of their created designs and products. They are learning to succeed and overcome obstacles, to recognize and utilize individual talents for optimum results, and to respect each individual for their unique contribution, which allows them to learn from each other and to give back to the community. Unlike some clubs or sports, the FIRST Robotics competition takes a lot of knowledge that is useful in the real world and future education for the youth who participate. The valuable traits our team learns can be applied to everything in our lives. Our main goal is that students are  inspired to learn responsibility through meeting deadlines and overcoming obstacles. 

Furthermore, students learn cooperation through working with many other students and adults who become a part of our team. Additionally, they learn leadership through managing our specific parts and roles on our team. Many students can attest to the fact that they have learned many applicable skills both social and STEM related that can be applied in their daily live.  Also, the amount of academic rigor and commitment within the FIRST Robotics competition will push students to excel in their future education, no matter the fields the pursue. These are just a few of the traits our team will learn through their dedication and participation in our robotics team. 

The DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School organization provides life changing educational experiences for any student of any demographic. Being one of the most community oriented high schools in the Denver Metro area the fundamental goal of the robotics team and the school organization is to provide a fun-oriented climate for students to learn principles, within any discipline, and ultimately empower students for whatever their future goals may be. Your support of this campaign  allows our team of young adults to explore their interest and ability within any STEM or leadership oriented field.  Through success and overcoming challenges, our team develops and matures our understanding of what we can accomplish together through teamwork. Through this process we will improve our ability to support each and every student to whatever path may be in front of them. We thank you for your support and interest in supporting our future and the dreams of the youth. 


DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School (student)

Robotics Team Outreach Coordinator 

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