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Raising money to manufacture CATBOX, the world's first cat toilet. If you have a cat/want a cat & you wish to keep your house clean, you'll want this product. Be amazed. CATBOX will change the pet cat experience forever!

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My name is Rachelle and my husband's name is Adam. We have two daughters, age 14 and 16.

When Adam was a small boy, his best friend was a cat called Mr Mew. Mr Mew followed Adam home from school one day and stayed with Adam for many happy years until he went to cat heaven when Adam went away to college.

After college, Adam went to medical school, became a doctor and got married. When Adam was 42, he became sick. Very sick. I thought Adam could do with a special friend at this difficult time, so we got him a new cat. His name was Dr Mew. Dr Mew made Adam feel better.

Soon enough we had two cats. But, I like to have a clean house. Everything about having cats was wonderful, apart from the mess the litter box made. I tried all the different boxes but they all worked the same way. Your cat does his business, burrows it into the litter and steps in this mixture of waste before leaving the box. The result was very unpleasant. Bits of litter and streaks of feces on my cream colored carpets and my white bedsheets. Dirty feet walking on my kitchen countertops. There were other problems too. I identified the 4 main drawbacks to all currently available litter boxes:

  • Cats burrow in their pee and poop dirtied litter which sticks to their fur & paws. They transfer the mess & germs to your carpets, beds, countertops & furniture etc.
  • The litter box always smells bad because the litter is always a contaminated mixture.
  • Cleaning litter boxes is time consuming and unpleasant.
  • There are always amounts of annoying, crunchy litter scattered around the box area.

Every litter box currently available requires your cat to stand in his dirty litter and that is the root cause to these problems. I realized the solution would mean the waste is removed and out of your cat’s reach, while he is producing it. A real cat toilet that finally solved every one of these problems.

The resulting litter box I built for my cats worked so well, I knew I must be the only cat owner who keeps my house clean, so effortlessly. I knew my cats must be the only cats who always have clean paws!

I decided to develop a version of my litter box so all cat owners could just have fun with their cats, and not have to deal with the mess and smells. The result is the Dr Mew CATBOX!

CATBOX is fully developed to the point of manufacturing. I'm raising money to manufacture CATBOX and to make it available to cat owners everywhere. CATBOX will truly change the cat ownership experience forever.

The number one reason people give up their cats is due to litter box issues. Cats like to be clean. They deserve the dignity of having their own toilet. Thank you for your help to make cats more fun for everybody.

Please watch the video to see CATBOX in action.

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