Download 91 Club: Quiz Challenge Awaits

Download 91 Club: Quiz Challenge Awaits

From Sara Aziz

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Do you pride yourself on possessing wide-ranging knowledge across topics? Do friends and family regard you as a walking encyclopaedia who can answer any random question? Well now through 91 Club, you can truly put broad trivia skills to the test in fun and rewarding cash prize contests.

Getting Started with Quizzing on 91 Club

After downloading the 91Club app and signing up, you gain access to the vibrant quiz contest section available under ‘More Games’. Here numerous paid and free contests across diverse themes allow showcasing general knowledge strengths to earn money.

This high-stake testing ground really separates the so-called ‘experts’ from genuine stalwarts! With Pan-India participation, you compete against a wide talent pool of intellectuals to rank among the best.

Themed Quiz Contests

91 Club impresses with extensive quiz varieties ensuring sustained engagement:

A) Mixed Bag Contests

As the name suggests, these randomly test general knowledge across traditional topics like:

  • History 

  • Art & Literature

  • Geography 

  • Sciences

  • Important Dates 

  • Popular Culture

  • Brand Logos 

  • Socio-politics

Questions can be multiple choice, connect-the-dots, identify visuals/audio etc. drawing from vast spheres.

B) Specialist Contests

Think yourself a cricket stats nerd or a Bollywood buff? Specialist quizzes narrow domains allowing targeted performances:

  • Sports Statistics – Player records, past tournament trivia etc. 

  • Entertainment – Celebrity filmography, industry news, award show details 

  • Politics & Current Affairs – Governance processes, global news 

  • Business & Tech – Corporate history, product catalogues, tech evolution

Such niche tests require devoted interest and following of fields.

C) Rapid Fire Contests

Under pressure, can you still recall answers quickly? These contests assess ability to deliver under tight deadlines:

  • 30/60/90 second limits to finish fixed question sets 

  • Failure to complete within deadline leads to forfeiting unanswered ones

  • Tests both speed and accuracy simultaneously

Gameplay Format and Scoring

Most quizzes follow multiple choice formats with 4-6 answer options per question. Submission happens once contest timer expires. FTP (fastest-finger-first) style contests however require quicker reflexes in providing responses.

Scoring considers both accuracy and speed factors. Correct responses earn proportional points; faster responses get additional points. Leaderboard rankings post final tallies reward cash prizes to top performers.

Tips for Quiz Competition Success

Prevailing in 91 Club's quiz arena amid top contending quizzers requires key strategies:

  • Maintain consistent reading habits across diverse topics through books, news and learning shows

  • Actively revision history, science concepts, current affairs via digital apps

  • Stay updated on latest sports/entertainment news perfecting niche interests

  • Develop quick reading comprehension skills for rapid identification of right answers

  • Learn art of elimination to increase probability by removing unlikely options

  • Don’t get stuck on any puzzles; solve easier ones first by attempted elimination

  • Never leave questions attempted; guess if uncertain post applying logic

Smart preparation, timely practice and composure amid contests will serve you well on the big competitive stage!

Envisioning Success on 91 Club

For knowledge junkies, few feelings match the rush of conquering testing quiz contests! 91 Club's well-designed quiz product range keeps the fire burning with an endless stream of new mental challenges. One can forever keep benchmarking ever-improving performances.

The prospect of financial rewards only heightens engagement. As a platform, 91 Club enables you to hold your own among countrywide participants. So, tap into the questing spirit, flaunt hard-earned knowledge capital and start collecting cash prize cheques today!

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