Down But Not Out

Down But Not Out

From Dex Dyer

Hard times hit us all, and I was involved in an accident and left without a vehicle. I aim to buy a used car so I can transport myself to and from work and the doctor's office.

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My family and I were never incredibly fortunate. Still, I appreciate all my parents have tried to do for me regardless of our lower class status. I did very well in school, graduated with honors, and was accepted into a university that I began to attend in 2017. In the summer of 2018, at age 19, I moved into an apartment, making my first step into the world of living alone and being independent, hoping to no longer financially burden my already strained parents. I got a job in August of 2018 to support myself, and things were going well.

Unfortunately, various circumstances began to happen one after another. My financial aid for school was unable to be processed in time, and as I was unable to afford the tuition left over after my scholarships, I was forced to drop out in my sophomore year of college. This gave me more time to focus on my job and continue to keep a roof over my head.

In September of 2018, I was involved in a minor accident. No one was hurt, and everything was okay, but my auto insurance had been expired for a while without my awareness as my parents agreed to help me by paying the insurance note. Driving without insurance meant my vehicle was impounded, and I could not get it back without proof of insurance, which neither I nor my parents could afford.

I've been walking to and from work, sometimes receiving rides from friends, still maintaining my job and trying to save as much money as I can. However, working a minimum wage job can only pay for my rent, bills, and groceries without leaving much left over.

Once I can get a vehicle again, I can start searching for jobs further away from my apartment so I can hopefully get a better paying job and save up so I can pay off my university debt.

Any money donated will be put away in a savings account so I can buy a used car from a nearby lot, along with putting insurance on it in my own name.

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