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DoorDash doesn't want to give full transparency to everyone doing the actual real work that they profit from. The goal of this is to raise funds to help pay legal fee's, lawyer costs etc so action can be taken to stop it

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The issue(s) is relating to a company that is lying, committing fraud, and harming the customers and workers doing the real ('boots on the ground work). It is completely unacceptable and morally wrong.

This pertains to a company one of which is widely known for lying and despicable behavior in the past all for money, it is DoorDash. Helpful extra information for you... has been found and proven in court to have stolen tips in the past, they are paying millions from a class action lawsuit filed against them by the DC attorney general, unfortunately as usually is the case those who was affected got practically no reasonable or notable compensation. 

I am a independent contractor for them (DoorDash), the issue is very serious and affects mine and all others quality of life, amount of income, and the service customers receive. They(DoorDash) hide the full amount of payment for delivery offers, they often refuse to uphold key important parts of their contract.. continued below-


   (in section V it says that the "Nothing prevents the parties from negotiating a different rate of pay", when asking support for compensation for issues outside of the Contractors control they always says they cannot do such a thing)

-fail to pay workers adequately, and constantly lie, cover up issues, and routinely short the pay sent to workers every possible chance that they think they would get away with. That is not right, we know any contractor wouldn't ever take and agree to do a job before working out and knowing the full payment for the work. We are not given that information, any method to calculate ourselves the full pay, and any complaints of this issue are not taken seriously. 

They (DoorDash) has stated that the reason for doing the delivery offers this (hiding the full amount of pay for order offers) way is to get people(the independent contractors) to take more orders and to not wait for high paying ones to come around and decline all other low paying ones. 

That is such a absurd thing to do for a reason like the one stated, how all business works, all contractors work, and the entire world works is, you(people) would not take non-profitable or low profit jobs to make money you take high paying ones that meet your criteria to do so. Here is a example to help make it clear of what they do and how: "Someone calls you and says that I will give you $70 if you repair my car, but it might be more than $70, you will not find out untill after you did the work and completed the job" That makes no sense nowhere in the world does a store list a item forsale as $5 with tag beside the price that says the "total may be higher after you swipe your credit card"

This is moral draining to the workers, causes workers to occasionally take orders that cause a loss of profit, time, add wear to their vehicles, and waste gas. 

There is nothing we can do about it alone without your help, please do something to correct this. When they started the business initially they did not hide the pay like this. I have done research and what they are doing is committing massive large scale fraud, manipulation of people in order to make a profit at the harm and suffering of others with absolutely no concern at all about it. The contract does not state anywhere in it that they will do this, they do not communicate this is how things work before starting business with them. 

What their goal by using this type of method is to get people (the workers) to take the terrible orders that is low paying, a long distance, is a waste of time and not profitable whatsoever to the worker that they know wouldn't take if they had all the information especially the full payment amount. 

Here is a exact example of how the offer is shown.. A order offer comes in and it shows a map with with the restaurants location and the customers location, gives a path and shows the mileage, Right under the map it shows the "Deliver by time" with the restaurants name under it. The very bottom it shows some kind of algorithm calculated amount of money (your pay once completed we assume) with the text "Includes DoorDash pay and customer tip (Total may be higher)" the decline button is really tiny at the top right, which requires you to press declined, then they want you to provide a reason why, then they show you a meaningless value (your percentage of orders declined out of the last 100 order offers) and hit decline again. The accept button is at the very bottom point and is massive and only requires pressing once which is easy to accidentally hit.. lets say the mileage is 15 miles and the pay shown to you is $8. what reason would they have to not show you the full pay and how would they benefit from this? 

Obviously it is to deceive and trick the worker into taking a potentially non profitable and long distance order in the hopes of getting(tricking) them into accepting and completing it. The app used to show the subtotal of the order offer, when doordash found out people could take that amount and estimate if the order would be a good paying one updated the app and hid it too. Every reasonable person can see with no knowledge of and deduce that the reasons behind all of these methods and changes are in effort to coerce the workers to take orders that they would not take if they had the full knowledge to make on their own terms a accurate decision.

They give you ratings for particular things, almost all of which are to play on the workers mental aspects. They hope the "acceptance rate" percentage will mentally manipulate you into taking bad orders. It has no purpose for them as a company at all. They made it turn red when low, yellow when in the middle range, and green when above aa certain amount. There are many useless statics designed specially to play on people emotions to keep up high(green for good) percentages. That is mental manipulation by fraudulent methods.


DoorDash doesn't have to raise their measly $3 pay to you if the customer tips, even if they don't they hardly ever raise their "base pay" as they call it. If the order is a far distance and has no/low customer tip they say in their pay model they have broken down that they would then increase the "base pay" pay. It is supposed to increase as the order is declined, the desirability is high (who decides how desirable the order is from a certain place?) and other various meaningless factor designed to pay as little as possible to people trying to make a living and doing honest good work. The higher the customer tip the lower they will pay. Their goal is to get customers to tip to cover the pay of the workers. 

It does not help other and I have to either gamble on orders that we potentially could lose money on. 

The old version of their app which us workers use to receive delivery offers used to still show the full pay... then the word broke and they learned about this and did some kind of server update that caused the old apps to never show the orders and to give you a "HTTP 500 error" This is pure proof they are intentionally trying to commit fraud and deceive their workers to increase their profits, amount of orders delivered, decrease their losses, and hurt the worker. 

People using older phones who cannot run the latest app could no longer use the older versions due to this. Thus is caused financial harm to many who were out of work at that time. I find this deceitful and malicious manipulation of people all for profit outstandingly horrifying and morally wrong. monetary compensation would be fantastic for all of us workers who has been affected and dealt with this for years, but I know that is highly unlikely. Everyone else including myself would be happy just having the full order offer shown to us so we can make accurate and financially beneficial decisions for ourselves.

Thanks in advance

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