Donations 4 Dnipro, Ukraine

Donations 4 Dnipro, Ukraine

From Craig Gresbrink

I am raising funds for the heroes defending Dnipro, Ukraine. :) My refugee friend Anna was to receive a $3 donation (see pics 50 UAH = $2.86). In 2023, the average monthly salary in Ukraine is around 23,000 UAH (USD 625)

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 I have been helping Ukraine for almost 2 years. At dinner with my friend Anna is when I realized how much American's can help. No one told me the average salary in Ukraine. So, when my friend was happy someone donated 100 UAH (Ukrainian currency), I said how much is that? She said a bit less than $3 US dollars. I was like WTF, I am pretty sure my heart broke a bit.  She asked me to help, so here is my fundraiser. They will be grateful for your donation. Just donate 5 bucks if you can. "If you think that putin sucks, give Ukraine a couple bucks!" Those in Ukraine are donating all they can to save their country, their land, their friends, and their family, but your $50 is like 10 of their donations, plus their economy was devastated. My friend Anna left Dnipro, her mom, her brother, her friends, and her cat on day 7 of this unprovoked invasion because her thriving hair business suddenly had no clients, and her brother lost his job as well. With her skills she can better help by sending money home as hair isn't so important at this stage of the war. Now the occupiers are 140 kilometers (86 miles) from Dnipro which gets shelled daily. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), 3 shown in the video (scroll to right in the images), are holding but they are losing their best and brightest. Most were not soldiers 2 years ago, they held professions like you and me. Some have not seen their family for years. Some may never see their family again. I asked Anna how many people have you lost? She thought for 10 seconds. I stopped her realizing she is in double digits, saying I don't need a number. She said, it depends, are you talking close friends, acquaintances, classmates, famous artists from my city, or...    When we walk the big 40-meter flag in Balboa Park, or you see rally pictures, well over 90 percent of the people have lost a loved one. Please think about who lives 90 miles away, and what it would be like if those seeking to destroy you were that close and threatening. Look at all the donations in the pictures. I donated 3000 UAH or 78 dollars and they were so happy a lady started thanking me on a live stream and my friend Anna captured a pic and shared with me. You can help, you can save lives in Ukraine, you can help bring Victory sooner. Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ukraini! Glory to Heroes! Heroiam Slava! I will be grateful for your generous donation.

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