Donation for Self-Publishing Author

Donation for Self-Publishing Author

From Obafemi Smith

Hi, I am Obafemi but my friend's call me Oba! I am a passionate writer of erotica and poetry. I am requesting your assistance to fund $5000 in order to publish my erotica book and poetry Anthology. Let's Create

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Have you ever had a dream that's been stuck in a bottle on a shelf? I know I do and at this present that dream (becoming a published author) I am breaking free from the bottle (confines of mental and final constraint) and taking a leap of faith with it off the shelf and into the world. In order to do this, I need your help. So please help me create. Fund me to make something.                                                 

Some key things about my story that I hope interest you are I have been writing since I was 14 years of age, and I am now 26. I write erotica and poetry and I am not afraid to perform or read in public. I believe in my work and that I am a good investment. I use writing to express myself, my thoughts and my desires. I am like you I have a dream and I don't want it to die. I am climbing the heights of doubt to overcome them. Please give me a boost. 

In order to practically achieve this dream, I must cover costs to become a published author. Every dream has a budget and mine is 5000. The costs I will have to cover are inclusive of the following and are of an approximate value: 

Writing Software $                                        $100

Book Designer                                              $750

Professional Editing & Proofreading         $2000

Book Cover                                                   $ 1000

ISBN                                                              $150

Website creation                                          $1000

These associated costs are integral to the project as a self-published author. I am thinking regarding the long-term longevity of the created work. This will be an ongoing series of work once published and it is my intent to be the gift that keeps on giving. Help me today so you can enjoy my work tomorrow. 

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