Donate to Mike D's - Bike MS Ride

Donate to Mike D's - Bike MS Ride

From Jacquelyn Hanson

Hey everyone, thanks for coming to my donation page. I asking for donations to support two MS missions this year: the Bike MS Ride and the Living MS Virginia special license plate campaign.

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Hey everyone, thanks for coming to my donation page.  I asking for donations to support two MS missions this year: the Bike MS Ride and the Living MS Virginia special license plate campaign.

Everyone who donates this year will be eligible to win one of the following:

  • Zip Line Tour for two from EMPOWER ADVENTURES
  • Ladies Basic Pistol Class from ELITE SHOOTING SPORTS

Thanks, Mike

I'm Mike Donaldson, the Founder and President of the Living MS Society with a brief message about who I am, what I believe in and what we are going to accomplish together.

    I've been a police officer since 1995, but the truth is I wanted to be a protector much earlier than that.   In 2001, I was chosen for my police department's SWAT Team. Since joining our SWAT Team, I have participated in over 1,300 high-risk operations. However, none of my training or skills could protect my wife, Beth, from being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in May of 2011.

    Despite a history of MS on her side of the family, we were caught off guard by the diagnosis. Beth knew more about MS than I did, but that wasn't saying much since I knew next to nothing. Since her diagnosis in 2011, Beth is on her 3rd different MS medication in 5 years. The medication is not a cure, but only an attempt to slow the progression, treat her relapses and manage the symptoms.

    Each year since 2011, I have participated in the local Bike MS charity ride, which is run by the National MS Society. Our friends and family have helped us raise more than $18,950 towards the cause. I believe the Natl. MS Society is a good organization and I plan continue to participate in the ride each year.

    A couple months ago I happened to read a story about the creation of childhood cancer plates and the family behind the effort. I thought to myself how the license plates are a great way to spread awareness, especially in NoVA where we're all stuck sitting in traffic 24/7.

    After checking the VA DMV website, I learned that MS Awareness plates did not exist. I decided right there and then that I would get this done...and that was the beginning of the Living MS Society.

    I am going to get the bill sponsored, passed and signed by the Governor.

Here's what I need help with:

    The license plates are our short term goal. Our long term goal is to raise donations, so that we may support research towards finding a cause of Multiple Sclerosis.

   Most charities focus on finding a cure. If you google the term "for the cure," you will get results for race for the cure, ride for the cure, run for the cure, bowl for the get the point. Supporting research to find a cure is a noble cause and I am not calling for an end to those efforts, but I have a different mindset.

    The cure for a broken arm is a cast. The cure for a cavity is a visit to the dentist. The cure for a gunshot wound is successful surgery. Thank God for cures, for if I had a broken arm, or a cavity, or if I were to get shot on a high risk operation while at work - I'd be grateful my doctor knew what to do.

    Here at the Living MS Society our goal is to prevent the broken arm, the cavity and the gun shot would from ever happening. If we can discover what causes MS, we won't need to find a pharmaceutical cure for MS.  Therefore, we intend to support those researchers seeking a cause for MS, and let others chase after a cure.

    Thank you for supporting me and Beth in this effort to get the MS plates and the BIke MS ride.

Thanks, Mike

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