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   Hello.. My name is Januari, I'm a 40 year old extremely proud mother of three gorgeous teenagers. My daughter is the oldest, Lily-19 and my two sons, Holden-17 & Dustin-15. Needless to say, my home was always the "summer hangout" spot and where most of my nieces and nephews spent most of their weekends, along with a lot of the neighborhood kids. I remember my kids asking me why they couldn't go stay at their friends' houses and it wasn't because I wouldn't let them. But I loved every minute of it!! Now my kids are growing up and moving out of the house. Yet we have been stuck at our homes with nothing much to do for a few months now. Plus our planet is in sheer chaos due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

   So myself, my fiancé, my kids and a dear family friend have been brainstorming and wondering... If all this is affecting them in a negative way.. What is it doing to the kids who don't have anyone except possibly a sibling they've been separated from to help them cope with or otherwise distract them from the current worlds chaos?!? Imagine being able to give them a positive, stable, nurturing and loving home environment to grow up and thrive in. A place that they would be able to share with any/all siblings no matter what background or ethnicity. Because that is exactly what your donation would be doing!

   My passion in life has always been to help children. It started at an early age, around 12-13 years old, when I got my first baby sitting job. I felt a natural connection to the children, almost instantly. Not understanding really what I was feeling at the time, I did know that I wanted to work with children forever. A very special lady in my life, my grandma, Gladys Nesbitt, taught me how to "live", instead of simply "exist". She also taught me how to love unconditionally and to never look down upon someone unless you were helping them back up. She has been my inspiration for starting this non-profit organization. It's named after her fishcamp, IdleWilde Fishing Lodge, that I grew up on. A place that helped to mold the woman that I've become and my fondest memories are of. 

   As the saying goes, "a thought without action, is merely a dream." So I'm taking action and asking for help from you. There are thousands of kids across the world that need someone like you and me to stand up for them and protect them. If we don't, then who will?!? It would give them the opportunity to learn many valuable skills, such as, swimming, canoeing, riflery, archery, horseback riding and gardening.. Which will enable them to grow up to become self-efficient, productive members of society. I believe that we are the last hope that they have! So let's not let them down! You'd be amazed at the impact a simple $1 donation can do! Become a member today and help us support our local children in need, please ...

      WE WANT TO BE THEIR LIGHT IN A RATHER DARK WORLD.. So, PLEASE HELP ME by donating to the purchase of an already established, "ready to go", up to date 40 acre ranch style youth camp capable of housing up to 74 kids in the upcoming fundraiser. We would like to make it the home of our Non-Profit Organization designed to give the new generation of kids some stability, positive reinforcement and unconditional love in hopes that it will create a ripple effect on the world so it will be here for many generations to come.   

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