Donate Recovery

Donate Recovery

From Alicia Jones

I am starting a campaign to raise money to start up a center to help addicts achieve recovery. Each and every single penny will go towards helping an addict get the treatment they desperately need and want!

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   Seeing our friends, family and neighbors struggle with addiction is devastating. Addiction is everywhere around us and continues to grow each and every single day. There are so many addicts that dream of getting clean and just don't have the support and help that it takes. Many people see addicts as trash, but I see them as humans with a disease. Every time I see an addict I just want to reach out to them and give them a hug and let them know that there are people out there that do care about them. It is just heartbreaking that drugs consume so many people and they just feel like there is no way out. Most feel alone and many are suicidal because they just do not have any support or help from anyone. 

   Being a recovering addict myself, I personally know the struggles they go through. I have been in recovery since July 2015 and have been doing great! Helping another addict to get treatment has become a dream of mine. I just don't have the funds to help other people right now. I have thought long and hard about this and I really want it to come true. The purpose of this campaign is to raise enough money to start getting addicts into treatment and to help them with everyday struggles such as eating, showering, having clean clothes, and so on. All of the funds from this campaign will be used for rental, licensing, and all other fees to get the center up and running. 

   My plan is to start up a Facebook page to ask for new to gently used donations of items to resell- kind of like a Goodwill, but for treatment instead of jobs. I currently do not have a place to store any items that would be donated. This is pretty much my stopper. If I had a center to rent, I could store all of the donated items as well as use it for a store to sell all of the items at a discounted price. All of the funds from the donated items will be used strictly to help addicts seeking recovery. 

   If you help me raise this money, it would mean the world to me. You wouldn't just be helping me make one of my dreams come true you would also be helping save lives. With hundreds of people dying every single day over drugs, I feel if we step up as a country to help these people we can reduce that number dramatically. Drug addiction is something that touches everyone in some way. I know I am tired of waking up and hearing one of my friends, family members, or neighbors has passed due to a drug overdose. I am also tired of hearing how children pass away due to an addict leaving their drugs out by accident and them ingesting them. Enough is enough! 

   Drugs cause so much harm in all of our communities not just with death but with crime as well. Drugs destroy families and takes children away from their parents. Drugs make people do things they never in a million years would have imagined themselves doing. This epidemic is taking over and there just isn't enough help out there for addicts. I know most people are just tired and ready to throw the towel in on them but I am not! Please help me raise the money to get this journey started. Not for just me, but for all of these lives that feel hopeless, helpless, and lonely. 

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