Don't Look Away - See George Floyd

Don't Look Away - See George Floyd

From Lisa Dornacker

I will be picking up food and supplies from locally-owned grocery stores for students & families impacted by the #MinneapolisUprising, as well as offering transportation to and from stores.

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On behalf of George Floyd, the historical racialized trauma impacting black,  brown and indiginous families, and the words of Dr. Ron Bell in "Don't Look Away"...

For those of you feeling compelled to help what is happening in this #MinneapolisUprising, Lisa is collecting funds from our Dornacker, Gibson and extended family & friends. These funds will be used to purchase food and supplies for students and families I personally know who have lost the ability to get to grocery stores due to public transportation being shut down, as well as unable to afford food and basic necessities. As we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, this is one way to do our part while minimizing the risks to People of Color (POC) who are suffering at disproportionate rates from COVID-19.  I will be practicing CDC social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask! 

I will be purchasing these items from 2 locally owned locations, North Market in North Minneapolis close to Henry High School. Depending on what is still standing, I will identify a Southside POC grocer as well.  I will start deliveries on Sunday, May 31st and continue as long as needed and funds are available. My goal is to be able to provide 15 families with $100 dollars worth of groceries and supplies. 

In addition to the students & families I hear from directly from Henry and FAIR, I will be working with the Circle of Discipline in their organizing efforts to serve elders on the Southside. 

If you want to do more... 

This is simply one act to help the immediate needs of those who have been negatively impacted by these events. In addition, I urge our family to explore the systems and structures of white-supremacy that we so easily consciously and unconsciously uphold. If you are interested in further understanding racialized trauma and what our responsibility is in dismantling, I encourage you to read the following:

  • My Grandmothers Hands | "The First self-discovery book to examine white body supremacy in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered Psychology." The author is located in Minneapolis
  • How to Be Anti-Racist | I will be starting this in the next week, if you'd like to do a family-style book club and have regular Zoom conversations let me know!

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