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Dog love to his owner or caretaker is remarkable.  Mostly the untrained dogs have not friendly behavior, barking on people and not like all types of foods. The trained dogs are friendlier and like the majority of the food items in contrast to the non trained dogs.

Trained dogs are happier in comparison to non trained dogs. Canine Corral Reviews training dogs from 1982 and the main goal is to train the dog in the best. No harmful manner or any kind of cruelty implemented for the training of dogs at Canine Corral Reviews. Proper training enables a dog to follow your instructions.

I am going to explain here some dog training techniques:

 Sit Command

The most basic command for the dog at the start is the “Sit Command”. So, How to teach this command? Attach a leash to the collar of your dog, It is used for holding purpose. By holding the hands of your dog insist him to look and then ask him to sit down. It also observed that the treat holding could cause your dog to sit down without saying anything.

Some dogs don’t sit, place your hand on your dog’s rear and push him down by saying sit. After attaining the objective of the sit command you need to Good Boy to your dog. Your voice should be pleased that your dog should feel well. After every correct, you need to reward prop

Lie Down Command

When the first command completed then you need to start with the second comment named Lie down Command. The first step to ask your dog to sit down, there is no need to provide him with any kind of treat. Now hold his treat in your hands staying close to the ground and ask him to lie down.

Sometimes It is important to place a hand on your dog back or shoulders and push him down gently so your dog lies down. If your dog lies down successfully then ask him a Good Boy in a soft and happy voice.

Stay Command

This type of command is tough to follow by a dog, in contrast, to sit command and lie down command.  For this command, you need to choose a time when your dog in a happy or stays cool. When your dog excitedly moving here and their then there is no need to implement a stay command on your dog. When your dog in a rest state than first asks him to sit down and then lie down after this ask him to stay in the lie-down situation. If your dog grabs your hands and stay in the same position without any motion for 4 to 5 second then ask well done or Good Boy in the happy mood.

Mix Of Techniques

 You need to employ some more traditional techniques important for your dog. As you are training your dog so your patience is important in the whole training process “be patience”.

Some dog learns quickly and some dogs take too much in the learning process so there is no need to be angry on your dog. For the time you could stop the training and choose another day to train your dog.

As a trainer you need to keep your voice cool and calm, you should need to be in a happy mood with your dog. Appraise your dog in a happy mood when he accomplishes the command or task.

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