Does A Healthy Body And Mind Have An Impact On Erection

Does A Healthy Body And Mind Have An Impact On Erection

From Mathew Philip

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We have to agree that sexual arousal first takes place in the mind then the body reacts and acts. This happens to both genders but mostly has an impact on males. It is perfectly normal for a man to have an occasional problem of gaining or sustaining an erection, and it is nota sign of erectile dysfunction. Most erectile problems can be treated as there are new medical treatments and medications to treat this. In this article, we will show the impact of the relationship between a healthy mind and body to have an erection. The possible causes that hinder this will also be explained.

1)      The mind-body connection

This is the basic knowledge of physiological and psychological erection. A Healthy Body Healthy Mind Erectin drug is a way used to achieve and maintain an erection especially by a man who has erection problems. A woman should understand that when a man loses an erection doesn't mean he lacks sexual attraction or love.The body-mind connection is crucial in erection as the process of getting and maintaining an erection is not under a man's conscious control. The sympathetic nervous system works in a way that when a man gets worried instead of being sexually aroused, the fight or flight response kicks in and the adrenaline hormone bathes the body, making it hard for him to achieve or maintain an erection. The adrenaline and tension released in a man's body send signals to respond to danger as this response can be turned on automatically and unconsciously.

2)      Anxiety

Anxiety and erections are co-related in that too much anxiety hinder the process of erection on a physiological level. The performance anxiety makes a man worry about the failure of satisfying a woman and monitors the firmness of the penis obsessively instead of enjoying the intercourse. One becomes a spectator as the mind is already tuned into checking his performance rate therefore the penis becomes stiff. In medical treatment advancement, men have gained confidence in their ability to achieve and maintain an erection.  

3)      Spinal cord injury (SCI)

The spinal cord injury affects many parts of the body especially those parts that are at or below the level of injury. The way your bladder and bowel function can be adversely affected by the spinal cord injury. There could be changes in the sexual function of one has the spinal cord injury im that he is unable to achieve an orgasm, unable to achieve and maintain an erection and changes in sexual sensations. It is important to understand the basics of an erection as changes in the sexual function depend on the level of the spinal cord injury.


Eating healthy diets to get a healthy body and having a enough sleep to relax the mind is important to achieve and maintain an erection. Lifestyle choices should be made in accordance to the necessity and positive impact they will have as they also cause erection problems. 

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