Dobbs Bundle of Joy

Dobbs Bundle of Joy

From Katie-Scott Dobbs

We are raising money to go towards the medical costs of artificial reproductive technology (ART) to help us start a family.

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1 in 8 couples experience infertility problems. 

1 in 4 women experience a miscarriage at least once in their life.

When my husband, Scott, and I decided to start a family, we had no idea that it would turn into quite the adventure! We have been trying to conceive since just after we got married in March 2018. After a year of trying naturally We experienced a loss when Katie was approximately 5 weeks along in 2019. That was the most heartbreaking thing to go through. After the loss we felt very defeated and scared. We quit trying for a few months before we pursued more options from Katies OB/GYN and found our infertility specialist.

Personally we have gone through all kinds of testing from blood work, ultrasounds, semen analysis, Hysterosalpingography (HSG), and other miscellaneous testing. Scotts blood tests have come back normal, while his semen analysis came back low, but not the main cause of the infertility. He is however a contributing factor. Katie has been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), pre-diabetes (caused by pcos), hypothyroidism, and has a polyp in her uterus. Katie is actively trying to manage and control her hypothyroidism and  PCOS symptoms like the pre-diabetes and irregular menstrual cycle through medication, diet, and exercise.

Luckily, after trying for what feels like an entire lifetime, we are finally working with an amazing fertility clinic called Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA)! They have helped us more since August than every other doctor we've been to combined! 

Katie took a fertility medication (Clomid) for three cycles with her regular OB/GYN and it was not successful. Based on testing our infertility specialist feels the best next step is for us to try Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). IUI is basically where sperm is "washed" so that only the healthiest and strongest are left. It is then inserted directly into the uterus so that the sperm does not have to swim as far to fertilize. Our specialist told us he "doesn't want to keep doing the same thing over and over (only taking fertility medication) if it's not working". 

The IUI costs about $600 for the diagnostic coverage, two office visits, blood work, and ultrasounds. Then another $1,000-2,000 for the sperm washing (removing any sperm that isn't strong and healthy), fertility medications, and actual insemination. It will estimate between 1600-2600 or so for each IUI cycle. We could end up needing 3-4 cycles of IUI before it is successful, but we are hoping to only need one!

Before we are able to start this IUI cycle Katie will have to undergo a minor surgical procedure to have the polyp removed from her uterus. A polyp is a growth attached to the inner wall of the womb (uterus) and is usually noncancerous but will be biopsied after removal.

In the case our IUI attempt(s) do not succeed we are planning to put any money saved up for fertility treatments towards beginning the process of Adoption. Although there is an option to try IVF we feel it is a huge expense to take a risk on at this point in our life. We have said from the day we met we wanted to adopt a baby regardless of fertility and as we have grown more in our faith we have a strong feeling it is something God is leading us to. 

We are both so incredibly grateful for everyone's supportive comments, messages, thoughts, and prayers. This whole experience has been emotionally, physically, and financially draining. I don't know how we could continue to push on without all of your support. We've spent at least $4,000 easily just to get to this point. It is scary that we could need a second or third or fourth IUI or even move to or adoption if this doesn't work. However, we remain hopeful and positive thanks to all of the support of our friends and family! In the meantime we spend a lot of time working, worshiping, and enjoying our life the best we can while we await our own little bundle of joy.

We will be attaching a detailed list of medication costs, procedures, and future costs for anyone who likes to see the numbers laid out and to give an idea of just how financially strenuous this process is.

Any amount of support, financially, emotionally, or spiritually for our dream is so deeply appreciated! We will make sure to keep everyone updated through the donation page and social media as things continue so you all have the most recent information.

If you are interested in donating but dont feel comfortable using the giving platform or want the option of a smaller amount we will list Katie's cash app and venmo information below.

Cashapp $Kdobbs1318              Venmo @KatieDobbs13

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