Do you want to build a snowman?

Do you want to build a snowman?

From Erin Presley-Froemke

I am raising money for my sister, Laura. This year has been awful for all of us (the world). We (my sister and I) have always depended on our elf gig every year to fund our holiday, but this year is uncertain.

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Dear Family, Friends, and Fabulous people,

As you know, the Presley sisters have been off duty this year. Not only because of the v (it's name cannot be spoken), but mainly because my sister has been trapped in a hospital, away from her children (Seamus turned 13 this year and Bridgey 16). She cannot enjoy being a mother that she so richly deserves. I'm sure it is hard for the kiddos also.

Every year my sister and I work during December as elves. We earn and depend on that money to try and give the kids (and if there is some left over...the adults :) ) a wonderful holiday. 

This year is uncertain... if we don't get to elf this year, there will be no Christmas really for the kids. My sister is not able to get disability for some messed up reason or food stamps.

We are doing what we can (My mom, dad, Paul and I), but like most people, things are tight. With many people, just donating a tiny bit, adds up rather quickly (I will be donating also).

Please don't be afraid to donate even $1. As I said, every tiny bit is a TON of love in my book. 

Please help me, help my sister. It doesn't have to be a snowman....

(p.s. I may have to block my sisters FB page for a little while so she cannot see this. Her family is not able to see this either since they blocked me (politics, but I still love them).

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