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Hello!! I am raising money to fund my mobile music and dance application. Please take the time out to read this. As well please share and thank you for your time

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      Hello my name is Rowe, I'm 29 years old and I have dreams of launching my own mobile app, with your help of course. I've always wanted to be part of a community that shares the same common interest as I do, while making an impact with what I can bring to the table. When I was younger you had to prove yourself by doing a little bit more than the next person. Different was okay if everybody liked it, different wasn't okay if it was out of the "norm".  It's hard to be a part of something when you feel judged. That alone made it difficult for me to break out of that bubble. With this mobile app I am trying to create a judgement free environment where people can express themselves through any and all forms of dance and music. I want the app to help people meet others with common interests and be comfortable in their own skin. Freestyle dance has always been a part of my daily life and I would like to show others that there is no "correct" way to dance. I've seen tons of people finally reaching their goals, and now I hope to reach mine. Most goals require some type of financial backing and/or support. I plan on using this campaign to gain a larger following in hopes of achieving funding and/or exposure to get my app started. 


I have been searching on UPWORK which is a website that connects businesses, freelancers, independent professionals, and agencies to resources necessary for their hiring needs. I was in search of a mobile app developer or freelancer and throughout my research I noticed that the mobile app developers get paid hourly. On average $18-150 an hour. Trying to find a middle ground with potential candidates was hard especially on a fixed budget. Most of the mobile app developers that I have spoken with state that the project can range from  6-18 months. Now that I had a time frame, I knew there was going to have to be some work done prior to working with any developer to achieve funding. Prior to starting this campaign, I tested out my own prototype to show investors with the hopes they would invest in me. In this case, you had to know how to code a bit. I quickly found out coding wasn't for me. So I applied myself to keep looking and found a mobile app developer with a payment plan. They are called Unlimited App Development. They share different packages for your budget. This is the app development company I want to work with once I have the proper funding/support.


In this app you can meet up and dance, form your own crew, add friends show off your moves, post your experience, call,  message, group chat and video, be a part of the weekly events (featured song and dance of the week), add music, 1000's of customizable filters, backgrounds,  you will be able to edit, trim, add GIFS, audio and video overlay, as well as input text or sound. Share your experience through social media. Google maps for far or nearby experiences. Access to the front and back camera. This app is for all age groups. It will also include age appropriate content for those under the age of 16.


If I don't meet my goal financially then I will use whatever was given to me and invest it in the mobile app so that I can start. I'll continue to gain funds when possible and hope to have people spread the word.

 Have your ever felt embarrassed when you were performing? Now you don’t have to be because with this app it’ll be creating a safe environment where you can be yourself with the backing of a lot of encouragement  and support through the application. My long term goal is to help people love themselves for who and what they are.

Ultimately not everyone is going to agree with the mobile app or even want to follow a concept such as this. If the people won't be as engaged with the idea as I am then that is one hurdle I have to prepare for. I can prepare for this by having a membership which will come with perks. Potentially making the member share their experiences and gain the curiosity of others. Funding is also another hurdle as for many others businesses, but through potential in app purchases and new content users can help fund their experiences.

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