Help Divorce and Fight against a Child Predator.

Help Divorce and Fight against a Child Predator.

From Kelly Liedtke

I'm raising money to help my best friend fight for her life. She has to pay for several attorneys to finally be able to get a divorce from a man that has pleaded guilty to 21 charges of child pornography.

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These are her words...

"Child predators and those that are involved in child porn, when we think of them. we think of the creepy guy living in his mom's basement or the guy driving around in the van offering candy. But you never know where evil lurks. They can be an Air Force Major, your husband, and the father of your child. I know this now because he was living in my house. 

On April 10th, 2019 my husband at the time and father of my child was arrested. Since that day I have fought in silence to protect my child and create a new normal life for the two of us. He plead guilty to 21 felon charges regarding children. He has yet to be sentenced. 

As if dealing with this was not enough, my information has been shared on several platforms, my child's photo has been shared. As a stay-at-home mom and professional volunteer, I had no job or career skills. 

I had to deal with finding out from the media his love interest and co-defendant created a spray tan scam.  That local woman and children were victims. Thankfully she was arrested at the Wacks family home in Hopkinsville Kentucky. She is about to go on trial for 23 felonies. 

To put it simply life has been hell. I have fought a new battle every single day.  For now, it appears I will continue to fight every day as more court dates come to include fighting for custody of my child."

Dana is currently having to retain several lawyers. Although she has a full-time career now and flourishing getting her life back together for her and her daughter.  She needs one attorney to fight her daughter's paternal parents for custody/visitation of her child. She needs another attorney to help her with the divorce. She was recently told because her estranged husband is in jail he is considered handicap and he will need GAL to fight on his behalf. Because he is the one locked up with no income it will be up to her to pay for this attorney. Her daughter also has to have a GAL to fight her best interest. Plus all the therapy sessions. 

We are asking for anyone that can give to do so. This story is like a lifetime movie around each scene there is always something else unfolding. I know Dana will take her experience and help other victims and fight for stronger punishments because right now the average punishment is 104 months. This isn't nearly long enough for crimes against children who will have a lifetime of therapy.

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