Animal Diversity Awareness, Protection & Integration

Animal Diversity Awareness, Protection & Integration

From Astraea Asteria

I am raising money to create Designated Areas of Protection for all animals and species on the planet. We will be bringing awareness to the masses and find new ways to integrate the species on the planet with humans.

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Welcome Everyone~ I am a Cosmic Psychic Healer and have been transducing messages from Alien races outside our Solar System, and have learned that if people do not start caring for the diversity of life on this planet, many future alien civilizations and species will go extinct. Mother Earth is suppose to be a breeding ground for the diversity of life and the Technological and Industrial Machinery and Mechanics and its continuous advancements are not in alignment with nature, its species or planet. This is why I was sent to bring awareness to the planet about how everything that we create needs to be environmentally friendly or else all nature and animals will cease to exist because everything will soon be technology and robotics, this is why it is so important now more than ever to introduce and to find new ways to integrate each species either into human culture or other ways that will allow for their potential developmental growth and evolution. One of the main missions is to research and find various means and methods to integrate various species into human culture, bring awareness to the masses on how technology created should have laws and codes that if it is not environmentally friendly it cannot be used because it will destroy potential future civilizations and alien nations which are basically us and the animals in the distant future.  The funds will be used to implement all this into action. 

This is at the very beginning stage of development for the idea of this  project and I will be adding more information as each day passes~Send me a message anytime if you have any questions*

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