Help Jeff Disabled Army Veteran Medical Bills Surgeries

Help Jeff Disabled Army Veteran Medical Bills Surgeries

From Jeffrey Watts

Night Jump Army Airborne Accident at Ft. Benning GA. The spine center said the longer he goes without surgeries he will eventually be paralyzed from the neck down. Suffered head/brain injury. The VA will not help him.

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Please help my friend Jeffrey. He was injured during an Army Airborne night training jump while at Ft. Benning, GA. It is extremely hard for him to ask for help and his injuries have gotten unbearable over the years. The VA has denied any claims as he did not claim them when they happened. He only kept quiet because he didn’t want to seem weak and wanted to push on. And now he is paying the price for his honor, strength, and bravery. He has always been a hard worker, however, he can no longer do that. He has studied at six higher education institutions, colleges, and universities. He does not have a personal Facebook or Twitter (he’s quite private), so I am asking anybody who will read this to put this page on their social media to help spread the message to help him. I told him I would set up a funding campaign for him so all he had to do was to write down what he wanted you all to know about him and his condition. For those of you who think this is not real, well talk to him and find out... You will see he is a real person who needs our help.Help Jeffrey pay off his medical bills, federal student loans credit card debts that he has had to use to get by on for years, and help him get the medical attention and surgeries he needs along with a car for transportation and a house to live in. He is in pain most of the time and it is a good day when he can get out of bed to accomplish a few things. That's no way to live. Especially for somebody who was injured during military training.*Please donate*The following is Jeffrey’s story:"Please help. I don’t know what else to do or who else to ask. I have a brain and spine injury that I suffered in the past at Ft. Benning on a night training jump resulting in neck and thoracic spinal damage extreme fatigue, extremely loud ringing in my ears that impedes my ability to sleep many nights and dizziness or vertigo. It has gotten worse over the years and now my hands and feet are slowly losing strength and coordination. Finally, I had to go to spine specialists. And they told me as a result of the parachuting accident at Ft. Benning, I have developed advanced degenerative cervical and thoracic spondylotic myelopathy, and it just keeps getting worse. So, what the doctors said is that I have the neck and back of a 95-year-old and my MRI shows my spinal cord in several places zig-zags from the vertebrae and sharp creepy-looking bone spurs poking into the spinal cord from many different angles. The only MRI I was able to afford was taken back in 2010 and my condition has progressed fiercely since 9 years ago. I can't even imagine what my MRI would look like today. The spine center said the longer I go without the surgeries that I need, the more severe and permanent my spine damage would become. Little by little my feet and hands are losing feeling, strength and motor control. All I would need to do is sneeze at the wrong angle or look over my shoulder or up to the sky too fast and at the wrong angle and I could instantly become paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of my life. I think to myself, “Wow. I hurt myself jumping from the sky at night, and now when I need it most, I look up to the sky and pray and wonder if this time looking up to the sky will be the time that causes me to become fully paralyzed.” It scares me, so I don’t look up much anymore. If I look up I instantly feel that terrible jolt of painful electricity shoot down my arms and then lose feeling and the use of my hands for minutes.My head injury has now been manifesting in terribly scary symptoms. My eyes all of a sudden will focus like I am looking at the floor or the ceiling when in fact I am looking straight forward. I could compensate for that except not both eyes do it at the same time or in the same direction. I have extreme photo-sensitivity to light (burning eyes, heavy tired eyes, and headaches). I get dizzy, nauseous and extremely fatigued and have fainting/seizure spells which have resulted in falling down the stairs, falling backward and hitting my head on the table or railing post, falling to the floor after getting up from the dinner table re-injuring my head and several times was rendered unconscious. I need to find out the extent of what happened to my brain and hopefully get it fixed. Sometimes my hands are steady as a rock (well almost) and other times, I can barely write or pick things up (depends on how stressed I am).As a result of the initial head injury and consequent massive permanent dent in my head from that night jump landing at Ft. Benning, I don’t even remember how I got back with my unit after the night jump. I obviously did everything I was supposed to and recovered, stowed and returned my chute and then returned to the barracks with my unit, but I don’t remember how… I don’t even remember landing after the night jump. My guess is that I was knocked unconscious for a short period and then came to not soon after because nobody seemed to notice that I was gone because I made it back to the bus with my unit and nobody in my unit said anything to me. Or maybe I was in such a fog that I don’t remember. A couple of guys later that night asked me what happened to my head, but it was all like a foggy dream. The first thing I do remember about the night jump after looking at the beautiful full moon on my way down, is being back at the barracks in the bathroom mirror, looking at the huge, purple, racket ball sized knot on my head and having a terrible headache that didn’t go away for months and the awful ringing in my ears that has persisted ever since and sometimes it gets so bad I don’t know what to do. The loud constant ringing… it drives you mad if it endures for a week or a month, but this is a lifelong every second of my life problem that just gets worse and worse (especially in the quietness at night) which makes sleeping a challenge for sure.Recently, I have started getting spontaneous nose bleeds that are so random that it just is scary and routine now and that scares me to the point of mental and emotional paralysis… to where I just stop and simply ask “What is the next thing that I need to do…To prepare for? And then I’ll just say it gets a bit too dark emotionally. Then my beautifully sweet Persian puff-ball kitty, Shadow always comes and rubs on me and head-butts me to show his support and to tell me to hang in there. I don’t know what I would do without him. I rescued him and now he constantly rescues me. So somebody obviously is looking out for me. That is why I am writing this and throwing it out into the world as kind of a “Message in a Bottle” I guess.The V.A. has denied me any help whatsoever, sweeping me and my pleas all under the rug, like I am nothing. I have constant pain that feels like a red-hot knife is stabbing me in my lower neck, coupled with all I can describe as a stinging, tingling numbness when I touch or rub it. Most days I cannot get out of bed because the pain and extreme fatigue is unbearable, and any change in weather (calm weather turning turbulent or turbulent weather turning calm) renders me completely useless for days. Of course thunderstorms, winter storms, wind… any weather pressure systems are the worst. It depends on the week but I can go for days or weeks at a time where I can only move my head in one direction. Some days it is impossible to move my head unless I turn my whole body. My hands have started to already lose feeling and strength. I have weeks where my hands and elbows hurt so bad from some sort of resulting nerve condition, where I can’t even pick up my arm to bring a glass of water to my mouth. Lots of dropped and broken things. One day my right arm will be ice cold and useless and the next day it is my left arm and hand and my right is fine. Then on very rare days things are not so bad and I can be somewhat productive, but then inevitably I look up, left or right too fast, or the winds come and the weather changes and I am back into my own private prison of pain. As a result, I have gone into financial ruin and my debt has become overwhelming. Student loans and credit card collectors and medical bills and medical needs have me emotionally and financially paralyzed.  Please, I need help for so many things it is overwhelming. I need several surgeries for my neck and thoracic spine otherwise I could end up paralyzed from the neck down. The surgeries are totally out of reach financially (hundreds of thousands of dollars each since I can no longer pay for insurance, I had to cancel all insurances). I have dental bills that I have had to put on credit cards that I have not paid off as well which total thousands also. I have lost the ability to pay for anything anymore because most days I can’t leave the house or even get out of bed. I have creditors and lawyers pouncing, and people I owe money to that have helped me for a long time and have withdrawn their support because they no longer can. And I don't blame them, as a matter of fact, I am extremely grateful to them. I held out asking for charity as long as I could. Obviously too long because things started to decline years ago. I have always been too proud to ask strangers for financial help. I am living at my mom and her husband’s place and that has been very challenging. So that has got to change obviously. They understandably are frustrated with me and can't help anymore and are withdrawing all support except a place to live, which they both are not happy about either. And I don’t blame them. So I don't have any house of my own to live in if I leave there. And what happens most of the time living at their house is fighting and silent treatment episodes that last for days or weeks. My car even just quit working and I took it in and it needs $6,700 worth of parts and labor which obviously that’s not going to happen either. So, I don’t even have any transportation anymore. I feel trapped, scared and claustrophobic like the walls are closing in with no way out. I owe so much money (over $350k) to people who have helped me through the years and later “carried me” financially since I couldn’t work. But they said that they can’t help anymore, which I understand. So what do I do?I have tried to pay them back with work around the house when I feel up to it or helping them with their computers or electronics, giving music lessons, landscape design ideas, interior design ideas photography or photo editing, but they don’t seem to see any of that as a financial equivalent. Sigh, I never thought of myself as a quitter, but honestly, as I have gotten older, my spine and brain injury symptoms have simply just kept getting worse and more degenerating and have progressed to the point that it is making me not able to function. I have felt like not continuing on after years and years of this pain and terrible ringing in my ears with no ability to do anything about it. All of my insurance policies I am having to let go of (medical insurance, dental insurance, renters insurance, car insurance and the worst one is my life insurance policy which I have not missed a payment on for 19 years… now poof!... gone forever. What a waste. I simply cannot pay for any insurance anymore because I cannot work. And my pride would never let me ask for donations from strangers, but now, I don't know what else to do. I can’t imagine going on like this forever.  I just can’t. I try to keep my thoughts positive, but... it is a challenge that I quite often these days fall short on. And that scares me. My sweet, beautiful Persian cat, Shadow (who is my best friend) sometimes is the only thing that keeps me wanting to hang on. When it gets to be too much for me, I think of him and how I could never leave him alone in the world. And how I have to guard him against harm from people leaving the doors open and letting him get outside (which has happened several times here before.) because I shudder to think what would happen to me if he was gone out of my life.I have always believed in fairness and goodness toward others in need. I have always given handsomely to the homeless when I walk by them… and I helped feed the homeless on Thanksgiving and Christmas with St. Mary’s Basilica in Phoenix when I lived in AZ. Now I fear I may be on the receiving end of that equation soon. I am feeling desperate now and I fear I am at the end of my rope. Please, I need help from somebody. I can’t do it by myself even though I wish I could very much. I am a troubleshooter, I never give up until things are completely better than satisfactory when I am helping others with any problem. I dream of a day without pain and having to lay down several times a day just to combat the extreme pain and fatigue where I can’t even keep my eyes open (also a form of narcolepsy from my traumatic brain injury). It has taken me so long to write this because I keep having to lay down and sleep, and then my vision goes haywire all the time. I used to love to read, but now it is a chore *so thank God they invented audiobooks, right? I have always prided myself on sticking to any problem until I solve it and making whatever the outcome 10 times more amazing than anyone expected me to. However, this one is beyond my control.Even chiropractic adjustments hurt too much and make my feet and hands go numb with a sharp, shooting, electric ZAP! of electricity pain that shoots down my arms and legs to  my hands and feet (like that feeling when you hit your “funny bone” on the inside of your elbow) and makes all my limbs weak and spasm while it renders useless and keeps me in bed for a week. I used to love how the chiropractors would make me feel. I used to work in chiropractic offices as a therapist. But unfortunately, since the spondylotic myelopathy has progressed to a stage 4-5, going to any chiropractor scares me too much now… I am afraid that going for a simple adjustment might be the last time that I can walk or use my hands to play a musical instrument, or feed myself. A lot of the time, I get that feeling in my arms and legs like when you’re at the movies and you’re sitting on your leg for so long it goes to sleep. And so you put it down on the floor and you start to experience the “feeling” coming back, and then here comes that most excruciating and extremely painful pins-and-needles pain that hurts so bad when you wiggle your toes that you literally can’t stand it? That’s what I feel like a lot these days, especially when I am trying to sleep. It’s more than annoying, it’s maddening.So, now what do I do? I have so many really great ideas for inventions and I am a solver of problems. I am good at it too. Really good. I never give up until I do an exceptional job at whatever challenge is in front of me. I don’t see a way out of this one though. I am afraid. I am very grateful for anyone who will help me. Thank you.”

Jeffrey needs our help, please. He doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter so if you can help with donations and send this to your friends and family and post this on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or any other social media you can and ask your friends and family and any other people you know to do the same, your help will be life-changing for him. He will have to pay for multiple spine surgeries and brain doctors out of his own pocket because he can't afford any insurances of any kind anymore. And now all of these are pre-existing conditions so he won't even be able to get new insurance to cover them. Please help him. He told me that he has put off asking for charity for years, but he needs your help now… Anybody's help now. My goal is to get a house for him to live in, reliable transportation, food and other everyday necessities, financial aid for his surgeries and all his medical procedures, and of course he has to pay back those who have helped him unselfishly for years and years. He should be able to do normal everyday things like pay bills, student loans, and past debts and to have food for him and his Persian cat are obvious necessities too. Please donate to his campaign and help spread the word for him. Thank you so very much.

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