Disabled and about to be homeless

Disabled and about to be homeless

From Daniel Saidock

To get a 1 room and a bathroom place to live until my disability comes thru in a couple months. I more than happy to pay anyone back. This is a life/death situation. Home I can live,without a home I won’t survive

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Daniel Saidock posted a new update:
over 1 year ago

Update #1

I’m disabled had a proctocolectomy (remove your large intestine,rectum and some of small intestine) I now have rheumatoid arthritis,fibromyalgia etc and it’s getting worse. I just had a granddaughter and it’s worth to keep fighting for my family. I was told I would not survive 2 weeks 8yrs ago. Placed in hospice 7yrs ago. I refuse to give up. I suffer everyday,cant digest most foods and my life right now consist of Dr appts ,counseling and trying to go back to school to get a degree once I can get stable and my health stable. I have until June 3rd to be out of this program apartment I’m in. Supervisor talked to the landlord telling him I’m a great tent at,quiet,no company but family. I have a disability hearing on may 24th. I know I’ll get it but it takes a couple months to receive it. I have 2 weeks to move. Physically I cannot be homeless or stay in a shelter since I’m bed ridden a lot and you have to leave at 7am every day at a shelter, I’ve managed to save up money. It’s not enuff for the deposit and first and last months rent. If I achieve this goal and get stability and find ways to become healthier where I can work online and provide for myself and create something with my brother to help people who end up in my situation. This isn’t my life,I want a productive life and be able to help my family. First priority of course my health but stable living conditions. If you can find it in your heart to help out please do. If I have ur info I’ll pay you back when I get my ssi back pay. I’m in a scary situation right now. Or if anyone knows of a extremely cheap place to live. I just need a bedroom and a bathroom.. the next 2 weeks are very scary cause without a place to live I can’t survive the streets. I wear depends,leakage at any moment along with liquid bowel movements 15 times a day most of the time uncontrollable. This is my only chance to have a stable life. Thank you for anything you can help with. My cell is 203-864-7796

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