Different Types Of Childcare Centers

Different Types Of Childcare Centers

From Mathew Philip

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Today, mostly all the parents are doing their job and have a busy schedule, so they are more concerned about their children. Due to their hectic schedule, they can’t compromise with their childhood. Do you want proper care of your child in your absence?

  Are you looking for a childcare center in your area but unsure about it? Want to know about the services they offered? How do they work? Did they care well for your child? These questions run into the mind of each parent these days. So let us discuss them in detail:

 What Is Daycare (kinderopvang)?

First, to learn about childcare centers, understand the term “Daycare (kinderopvang),” maybe this term is new to you, but it plays a vital role in your child’s life. Daycare (kinderopvangis the term used for childcare, especially in the Netherlands, which includes the childcare facilities like host parents, daycare centers, pre-school, etc.  

 Today, the demand for these centers has increased because of the busy schedule of their parents. These centers provide a homely atmosphere to the children and teach the students new activities; apart from that, they also care about their diet and provide them the best diet.

 Different Types Of Childcare

Childcare centers may vary according to the age group of the children. Therefore, before registering your child, read about these various types of childcare to know which childcare is perfect for your child. Let us discuss these types in detail:

 ·         Gastouders- Children’s First Friend

Are you looking for childcare that takes care of your child at home? Then, you are in the right place. Gastouders are the trained childminders and self-employed persons who take care of your children either at your home or at their locations. 

 They provide its services effectively as there are not many children under one single gastouders. Up to six or seven children are provided under one trained childminder to care well for each child. Now the question arises they take care of which age group children? Children between the age group of 0 to 13 years are taken care of under these centers. 

 ·         Daycare Centers

Daycare centers hire professionally trained staff called kinderdagverblijven. They take care of the children between the age group of three months to 4 years old. Complete care of the child from eating food to playing games all are covered in these centers. 

 Staff under these centers are trained well to provide maximum care to your children. One staff is responsible for only 5-9 children as due to this, every child would be taken care of well.

 ·         Pre-School 

Pre-schools, also called playschools, are the children's centers up to the age group between 2-4years. They involve the children in various activities and games and teach them some alphabets to avoid any difficulty in primary schools. Children enjoy these types of centers as there are a variety of games available for them. Apart from games and studies, they also provide proper care to the diet of children. 

 They work three to four hours a day, and they are open five days a week. You can easily register your children in this Daycare (kinderopvang) without any stress and worries.


If you are a working parent and unable to give proper time for your child care, then Daycare (kinderopvang) is the best option for your child's proper care.


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