Dianna Speidel Needs a Service Dog

Dianna Speidel Needs a Service Dog

From Dianna Speidel

I'm raising money so that I may acquire a service animal to assist me as I suffer with an auto-immune disease and PTSD. My family and I have contributed to the cost of the animal, yet I am still in need of help.

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My history with animals is a beautiful one. I was called into hospice chaplaincy and Social Work for 27 years my sheep dogs along the way became therapy dogs and would be my eyes and ears and helpers during visits with my patients and families. Especially those who were not able to be vulnerable and talk with people. Climbing into beds at nursing facilities sitting next to wheelchairs, resting their heads and the laughs of many who needed comfort. I was blessed to watch people who are struggling have moments of joy, hope, encouragement, renewed strength, become invigorated, comforted, and restful, peaceful, as these boys held them and cared for them through their journey of anxiety, depression, grief, transitions, and transformations,. The lessons of life that we learned in terminal illness are often so deep that the unconditional love an animal can be the touchstone an affirmation gentle touch we need when we are even when we are not even sure how to formulate our question to ourselves, God, or others. 

Or if we just don’t want to talk or even know how we feel a dogs paw paw or gentle nudge can be the connection so we are not isolated and alone.

As you may know I have been on disability from my working ministry since 2018. The eventual diagnosis of autoimmune disease and mild cognitive impairment or health conditions that impaired me to go back to hospice. My health history has included PTSD and anxiety and depression. 

With a combination of challenges at work at the work I have done over these past five years I am getting better. My new normal includes the need for a service dog to address the many symptoms and mobility issues that arise from the challenges I have daily.

I am reaching out and asking for help to ask for help in raising the funds that are needed for this endeavor of having the dog trained for my needs. I have started with my own savings savings and some family support this week has been a very good start. Yet not enough to cover the cost of the remaining training. I was able to rescue a doodle. His name is Johnny and he is four years old. He is currently getting over his own health challenges and I have visited him at the trainers farm. 

I have chosen a trainer close to home and the most reasonable and cost and reputable. She is also working with me so I can make payments.

If you are lead in anyway to support me financially or through prayer please know how much I appreciate you. It takes a village. 

I am asking you to sow back into my life the way I have sown into the lives of many over the years.

 Those of you who would like to contact me or send a gift or card in any other manner may send it to 

12 Pennsylvania Dr., Whiting New Jersey 08759

My cell phone number remains the same. 

I pray you are well. You are being blessed beyond your wildest dreams. And let you know the hope that only God can give to us. 

Grace and  peace be yours,

Dianna Speidel

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