Diane & Michael's Honeymoon Fund

Diane & Michael's Honeymoon Fund

From Diane Tauser

Hello Everyone! After 40 years of being together we are finally tying the knot on February 20, 2020! We have always dreamed of an Italian honeymoon in Rome, Venice and Florence and we need your help!

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A long, long time ago in a park far away there was an "engagement"...

Michael and I had live in San Francisco for a few years in the late 80s/early 90s.  A gorgeous town that soon rattled my nerves due to the 1989 7.0 earthquake and it's many aftershocks.  Before long, I had him relocated to New York City.   My California boy missed his beautiful town but had to admit that business was better in the big apple.   I was thrilled to be on terra firma.

One day Michael asked me to return to San Fran for a business trip.  He booked us in our favorite place at the St. Francis Hotel on Union Square.  Lovely.  High tea.  Wonderful.  Champagne and caviar!  We visited all our old haunts.  On the day we went to Presidio Park adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge, I was tired and cranky.  Of course I was!  I was worried about the next bloomin'  tremor.  And then it happened.  

We came to a beautiful green meadow on a charming pathway - not a soul around - birds chirping and the bay gently lapping in the background.  Michael went on bended knee extending a stunning vintage diamond ring.  In the distance, a voice rang out "Fore!" and a golf ball whizzed by our heads.  Suddenly, at breakneck speed a group of 20 runners appeared out of nowhere and practically ran us over.  Someone yelled "get up buddy!"  Oh, wait that was me.   "Get up. Get up. Get up!"   I was so embarrassed.  

He was mad and hurt at my reaction.  What were a few sports teams or two?  Did I not love him?  But we worked it out as we always do.  So later that night we went back to that spot, and under an amazing full moon we had a do-over.  We kissed, hoping not to get mugged.  Fade to black.

But that's not the end of our engagement story.  A wee donation to our honeymoon fund will get you the rest!  I promise you it's worth it!

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