starting over capital for DIANA

starting over capital for DIANA

From Diana Jones

I need this FUND to have fresh start in my life over life threatening cause! This FUND will enable me to have options to continue my education; TRAVEL also creating income using web platform. thank you for ALL your help.

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Because I think this could END the CYCLE.

and i truly hope you CAN smell my HATRED about H.T. with the strongest passion.

Truthfully honest,  I don't even know HOW to begin. 

But i know i have to start somewhere.  Despite of harsh prejudiced and all injustice that I had to go through so far, but i believed there must be a way to expose the power of darkness to shed the light for me to rise again!...

ARISE from continuously becoming a victim fromthose that has plotted for my destruction for a very long time. 

I have suffered literally in silence over EIGHT years now...  in between to calm myself down, analyze the whole situation and finding the right solution for my immediate urgent situation.This must come to THE END.

For this past 8 years.. no one...Believe it... Not even a single soul ever approached me and ask... are you ok..? You looked like someone needed help.  Is there ANYTHING we can do to help you out??

There must be a reason...

Why they ignoring me knowing i needed help and WHY they don't answer my inquiries and help request that i sent through e-mails.Why they are so confidently abusing me with their words and occasionally actions and in public...! 

Can you believe...?! I did not see they did this to any other stranger around me though...  I dont think asean people used to be that cold in reaching out their fellow citizen to start over;  OR reaching out an extra supportive hand to help going through crises...

Is even more confusing when the salary that i deserved to receive comes with a threat to endanger my life... I have suffered more than 3 times physical violence that made no sense for any sensible human being... 

and you think that is ALL... hahahaha... 

they are NOT going to stop.  And that is THE BOTTOM LINE in my case.     

If there is a SURE WAY they going to STOP the ABUSE and END this cycle.  

I would have receive my salary... keep my job to be fully independent like I always been.  SO.  Why they are so desperate to ROB that right from someone like me??!!

I never knew I was such a victim towards this word that i am so disgustedto pronounce!!!* H U M A N T R A F F I C K I N G* after my own thorough investigation...the people that plotted this dangerous crime is quite wealthy and powerful people but lack in humanity and blinded to the truth that fully responsible for my hyenous CASE.


It must be.  A normal average people can not affordsuch luxury to paid up other people to get their filthy agenda done.  But then... WHY...WHY they picked on someone like me... ?!! Iam not perfect but MY heart knew NO EVIL.

I also have a right to achieve whatever I want to do with my God's given life. For that... I have to take my chances to set my cause to be heard.FAIRLY.

You can READ the TRUE story where I stored on following email when I received your contribution. HERE. All I am asking you reviewed it fairly, imagined if you were in my shoes how would you respond such situation.

But i always have HOPE alighted brightly within me... Such A FIRE can never be putted out.That is the ONLY reason why you CAN still see my eyes can be full of light and my lips still can carve a smile.

Because of the people like you.I have been through so much that i knew any average human being probably resting in peace in eternity right now... is not like i don't want to reach out for help sooner...

But born with such analytical mind since birth...i kept on analysing what and how can get this far?? How did i even get to this level of disgrace...I dont want to point my finger to anyone thati knew deep within my conscience THEY are fully responsible for the situation I am in now...

Do you know IF i dont gasp for HELP ME now...

no one would even bothered just like what has happened for the last eight years of crazy suffering...Worse... yeahh there are predators....

everywhere.. setting up a trap...with full malicious thoughts.. to corner me to the point like i had no other hope but to give in....Wow... this might exist in your fantasy game channel or something but the ONLY difference is... 

This story is REAL. It happened to me.

It happened to an innocent soul like Diana Jones.  To suffer for something i did not do anything Illegally wrong. And caused me to have all of these years wasted because i could not have a proper foundation or support of ANY kind to start over.

And if you are reading this readers and givers.. THANK YOU.

I dont know what else to tell you at this point... I am trying not to let fear to consume my thought that illegible to form some scary action towards my ESCAPE/RUNAWAY.

Will you help me in giving?Can you help me NOW?

THANK YOU for sincerely give without having any other agenda and motive behind your giving.  Truthfully honest I am really tired of all those unhumane people. 

I met them a lot since i was thrown into this UNTHINKABLE case!!

Thank You for giving me such a SAFE PLATFORM for me to start over AND do what i really want to build my career path that i am gifted and talented TO DO.

Thank You for this AMOUNT that I am able to launch and drive my passion in a SAFE WAY and to work reaching my goals that will hopefully far exceeding what I hope to achieve for myself and for people also shared the same passion and hear the higher CALLING.  

And i am still figuring out how 10% of whatever i received here will be used to help one by one of h.t. victim to start their own life too!  At least to create SAFE platform for them to come out from that dark place and find courage to start over. Is difficult, is hard and it is very scary. And i understand ALL of those emotions. Clearly and Attentively.

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