Desperate Need

Desperate Need

From Christopher Tabor

Dec 26 I went into the ER with flank and and blacked out for the first time in a series that will last over the next two months and a series of three surgeries in one month to remove two large kidney stones

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December 26 was the start of a nightmare that will last till the end of February with one medical problem after another! It started on December 26 when I had flank pain that sent me into the ER where the doctor told me they found nothing wrong and sent me home! The next day I got a call from my urologist saying I needed to make an apportionment to discuss the two kidney stones that was on the CT from the ER and one was blocking the left kidney and needed removed ASAP! We made a appointment and went in the next day where we found out I had two stones in the left kidney! one was a 6 mm and the other a 7 mm and that one was blocking the kidney! We planed the first surgery but the second stone was out of reach and  so we moved the stone so it was no longer blocking the kidney and placed a stent then planed a  lithography to blast the stones to break them up in two days later! We had the lithography and I was under so I didn't feel a thing (thank goodness)! He planned a apportionment a week later to see how it went! a week later we go in and find out that it failed and it only shrank the stones a little and dropped the other stone so it is now in reach! so we planned yet another surgery! He went in and removed the stent and broke up the stones and removed 99% of them and put in another stent for two week so things can heal and the rest of the stones can pass! The two weeks pass and I go into the office and he removed the stent(OUCH)! I go home and two days later I find out i have a uti and a kidney infection and start my first round of antibiotics which i'm unsure it worked or not! Then I go into my psychiatrist that want to reduce my medication and I start having black out and find out i am having  seizures for two weeks I have 7 to the point I am put into the hospital for 2 days to figure out why! We figure out it is because the reduction of the medication was too fast! During the hospital stay I get retested for the uti and find out I have e coli in my urine after fighting with the doctor to get tested! Now I am finally at home and being treated with the final thing and hopefully be healthy again but talk about a roller coaster!!!

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