Design considerations for custom printed T-shirts

Design considerations for custom printed T-shirts

From Imran Ali

To express who you are, you need to define your style, and the best way of doing it is to wear printed T-shirts with exclusive designs. People are so fond of their T-shirts that they would still think twice before dis...

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To express who you are, you need to define your style, and the best way of doing it is to wear printed T-shirts with exclusive designs. People are so fond of their T-shirts that they would still think twice before discarding it even when it wears out.  Such is the versatility of T-shirts that you can use it for various purposes beyond fashion. T-shirts are excellent for promoting businesses, and creative people with artistic inclinations can monetize their creative talent by selling custom T shirts Canada. Although designs are the most critical components that make T-shirts look more attractive, you must be aware of how you want to use the garment to decide what kind of design would be most suitable. What you want to do with T-shirts determines the nature of the design that can serve your purpose.

As T-shirt designs acquire so much importance, here are the ways of choosing the most suitable design for your T-shirts.

Identify the need

Custom printed T-shirts are great tools for branding, and organizations have been using them aggressively to support their campaigns for popularizing brands.  Business promotion with printed T-shirts is nothing new but remains as effective as before.  Even if you are planning to sell custom printed T-shirts for fashion, you still need to create a brand for your business by using the same T-shirts, although in a different way. In every product, you must insert the brand theme that helps to recognize the business efficiently.   If you want to use T-shirts personally or for gifting or commemorate some event, ensure that the communication is clear and loud.

Think about the fabric of the T-shirts too. Determine the styles, personality traits, and themes you want to convey through the designs by considering the kind of brand image that you want to build.  Is your brand conservative and edgy, or is it serious or playful? Focus your T-shirt design to address these aspects that help to create the right brand image. Stay focused on actual data that are quantifiable instead of depending too much on your personal experience.

Now, look at the goals for using custom printed T-shirts.

For the company's internal use

T-Shirts are an excellent medium for communication. Companies can use them to keep the workforce motivated by distributing T-shirts as a token of appreciation or expressing solidarity. When organizations go through some change, T-shirts with printed messages can be excellent tools for closely connecting with the employees and driving home the message that helps manage the transition better through better employee participation. Some organizations might use T-shirts with the company logo as the company uniform. Although used for internal purposes for promotional gifts, the design should address the goal of branding, albeit in a different way.

Promotional gifts

To increase your brand's visibility, you distribute custom printed T-shirts among prospective and existing customers free.  The brand name spreads far and wide as people move around in public and go places while wearing the T-shirts.   You might have seen T-shirts distributed at conferences, conventions, business meetings, or other promotional events like a trade fair that serves the promotional goals.

Event souvenirs

To celebrate some special events, custom printed T-shirts are must-haves. Using custom printed T-shirts for the occasion is the easiest and boldest way to draw the attention of people who stay informed about the event and appreciate the aesthetics of the design that create a distinct style.  However, such souvenirs are only for a very restrictive and more casual audience. No matter the purpose of using T-shirts, the underlying promotional element should not escape attention. Even when you are using custom printed T-shirts as the merchandise, they should carry your company or brand logo so that onlookers are aware of the shirt maker and can get back in case they need something similar.

Organizations make good use of custom printed T-shirts for fundraising events, and many business organizations publicize their CSR initiatives through T-shirts printed with some specific message highlighting the cause.

Consider the T-shirt type

The purpose of using T-shirts and the occasion helps to decide the type of T-shirt that would be best for conveying the message. The better you know your intended goals and the audience, the more appropriate will be the garment selection. For example, when an organization sponsors a marathon for some social cause like saving the environment, the usual athletic vest would be a better choice than a polo neck T-shirt. Since the size of the print area is different for the two types of T-shirts, the layout and design would be completely different even when conveying a similar message.

Whether the message should appear on the front and back of the T-shirt or only on one side is also an important decision because it influences the message's visibility and impact.

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