Denver GoTopless 2019

Denver GoTopless 2019

From Amarie Söderlind-Fisher

Denver GoTopless celebrates how women are able to be topless in Denver city limits, within the same contexts where it's socially acceptable for men.

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Denver GoTopless parade and similar events across the country, disrupt the patterns of female objectification. The habitual response to skin is to objectify, but the nonsexual, personal interaction pushes us to humanize. Real life has a different set of rules: it isn't socially acceptable to stare at a womxn's chest, at least overtly. Most male identifying people that attend the parade, at first, feel awkward enough to either avert their gaze completely, or rigidly maintain eye contact. But rather quickly, interaction reduces awkwardness, to where people focus more on the person than the body. Such experience with this new perspective stimulates a reevaluation of what it means to be male identifying and how to relate to womxn. Male identifying individuals realize they aren't slaves to (conditioned) instincts, that they are capable of recognizing context and exercising self-control and how, rather than pursing womxn as a potential conquest, interacting with womxn on an intellectual level yields greater fulfillment.

 For womxn, it's an incredibly empowering experience. We are free to (finally!) share the same freedom as male identifying people to take off their shirts on a hot summer's day, without fear. We are side by side with male identifying people who "get it", who realize the injustice of objectifying double-standards and want to improve culture for all people. We are taking part in actively changing the culture we have had to endure. This is an event womxn are proud to be a part of.

Our parades make a huge splash in public consciousness, opening dialog and creating opportunity for education and changed perspectives. Yet, to be truly effective, we stress the need for people to get involved in other ways as well. We are working towards a culture where:

  • A womxn walking alone doesn't have to suffer catcalls or fear for their safety.
  • Where respect for boundaries is normal, no matter how covered/uncovered or drunk/sober the person be
  • Where a male identifying individual doesn't feel entitled to tell a random womxn to "smile more"
  • When on a hot day, surrounded by shirtless male identifying individuals, a womxn doesn't have to suffer heatstroke
  • Where a body wash commercial doesn't have to censor
  • A world where context makes a difference.

And most importantly: a culture where the person matters more than the body.

The mission of Denver GoTopless is to normalize coed toplessness, as a means of combating objectification and hyper-sexualization of women

Project Budget:Permits, Fees: $250Printing (brochures, banners, yard signs): $760Supplies (lanyards, cones, way-finding, trash receptacles): $625Equipment (Megaphones, tables, headsets): $370Total Cost of Event: $2,005

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