Delwar Hossain Dulal’s Campaign for Water Wells in Villages

Delwar Hossain Dulal’s Campaign for Water Wells in Villages

From Nabil Tahan

We are raising money on behalf of our father to contribute to projects in rural villages in parts of Bangladesh, United States, and other countries to obtain access to clean water to provide for those in need. JAK

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Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (Verily we belong to Allah, and verily to Him do we return). My father, Delwar Hossain, lovingly called Dulal, was called upon by Allah our creator and laid to rest yesterday by his two sons, his nephew, and his community of hundreds of members of the Orlando community. He is survived by the strongest woman I have ever come to know, in every sense, and his brothers and sisters around the world. 

For the longest time, I contemplated about how I would speak about my father’s legacy. He always prayed for his faith to be stronger and for his family to focus on the 5 pillars of Islam. He gave to charity even at times when he didn’t have much to give. He took care of his family at home and abroad for decades. He was fortunate to travel the world, to include the holiest place in Islam to complete his pilgrimage in Hajj. He loved to plant and grow trees, and had compassion towards all of God’s creatures, big and small. He loved being surrounded by people and love. 

While stern, he never lost his temper over what upset most people. He showed compassion and kindness to those in pain, and spoke very few words of wisdom that were golden beyond any books or guidance. He was the epitome of a great man, a devoted father, a compassionate brother, a loving son, a dutiful husband, and a man of true faith until his dying breath. If we as his children reach half of the potential of the wonderful qualities that he possessed, we would be considered great by any standard of measurement. 

May God grant him Jannah (Heaven) for all his good deeds. To continue to his legacy, please find a link below for a contribution to a cause near and dear to my father and his family. We believe access to water will become more scarce in our lifetime. We wish to contribute to water conservation research, funding of well projects in rural areas, and to fight climate control by providing water access to trees around the world. This project will solidify his legacy for his love of people and plants. 

We sincerely apologize for our inability to reach everyone, but we hope spreading this message will keep us in contact with his loved ones. Please feel free to call and reach out when you have the ability- we would love to see and speak with each of you on behalf of our father.

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