Deliver Solar to a Mother in Delivery

Deliver Solar to a Mother in Delivery

From Strides for Africa & NovoMoto

DRC has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Our goal is to upgrade maternity wards in 20 clinics in DRC with 3x lighting, beds, fetal doppler and TV to provide more reliable and sustainable care.

Strides for Africa & NovoMoto

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Want to join us in supporting a worthy cause? You can help to save lives of infants as they are brought into a brighter world powered by Novomoto’s solar kit. Did you know that the infant mortality rate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is 64 deaths per 1000 live births which is among the highest in the world?

This giving Tuesday, Strides for Africa and Novomoto are partnering to upgrade maternity wards in 20 clinics outside of Kinshasa district of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Each clinic delivers ~10 children each month but the clinics only have lighting in the range of 300-600 lumens , while the general standard in the US is 3000 lumens.  The beds at the clinics are also falling apart which are no longer sanitary.

"We immediately need better lighting, new and clean beds, diagnostic device like a fetal doppler to detect the child's heart beat and a TV so that the mothers are more comfortable" 

                                                                                               -Clinic Staff

This is the third phase of our goal of providing clinics with resources to sustainably provide service. We have already:

  • Provided basic lighting and phone charging stations at 125 clinics,

  • Improved vaccine and blood storage by installing solar powered refrigerators in 10 clinics

Our next step is to provide at least 20 of these clinics with a maternity ward complete with 3x improved lighting by installing 12V LED lamps, a new bed, a fetal doppler, and TV.

Our fundraiser’s goal is to improve these conditions, and provide safer, more informed experiences for new mothers and children. To ultimately help the staff provide better/reliable care in a way that is sustainable. 

Every dollar you contribute will have impacts for years to come. The 20 clinics chosen, each are financially able to pay a monthly $30 to offset the upfront costs and allow for servicing as required while securing the clinics commitment.  One of NovoMoto’s main goals is to ensure that their beneficiaries are self-sufficient and can continue to provide quality service. 

Each clinic will be located by an accessible road to allow higher patient intake. Assuming 2x more births, each clinic can see up to $1340 in additional revenue every year. NovoMoto’s field staff will install and service the solar kits, and collect data from each clinic to better understand our collective impact.  

You can help provide a clinic with a functional maternity ward in many ways. Here’s how:

  • For $ 50, help us deliver and install the kits at the clinics

  • For $ 75, provide a fetal doppler which will improve the clinic ability to measure a baby’s heart rate and detect any abnormalities in the heart rate during the pregnancy and delivery

  • For $75, you can buy a new bed with sheets to improve the comfort and sanitation of the maternity ward

  • For $ 175, you can bring a mother some peace of mind by installing a new bed and doppler at a clinic

  • For  $ 250 you can light up the room by covering the cost of the solar kit necessary to power the additional lighting, TV, doppler in the ward.

  • For $ 500, you can fund a complete functional maternity ward. 

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