Degree for Life Change

Degree for Life Change

From Kaela Raymundo

Who doesn't want to better themselves? That is exactly what I am doing. I want to leave the dangerous career I am in and get started on a new journey, nursing! I want to know I am genuinely making a difference!

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The feeling of being stuck and riding a double edged sword in your career is not a pleasant feeling.  Do I give up and walk away from it, or do I use my experience to better myself in a new career path?  I am choosing option 2.  

I became a police officer because I genuinely wanted to help people.  I wanted to make a difference and be the positive perception people remember after their interaction with the police.  After almost six years of being a police officer I can honestly say I can count on one hand the number of times that I have felt truly appreciated and like I made a difference.  Each of these times were during interactions that weren't even necessarily a criminal related issue; they were more of a mental health related issue that I was able to continually follow up with come to a positive solution/outcome with those individuals.  (See photos below)

Why the career change? To what?  I am at a point in my life where after recently becoming married, insta-stepmom of two, and wanting to have children together with my husband, doing so as a police office isn't feasible for our family.  I want to pursue a degree in nursing (at minimum my Bachelor's, but would absolutely love to continue on to a graduate school if possible).   

What do I want to do with my new career path?  Genuinely help people.  I want to work with special needs children and just children in general.  Primary Children's Hospital in Utah is one of the best in the nation and I would love to work in their emergency department, and additionally gain experience helping those families in extra need of assistance due to their child's circumstance.

I have always been fascinated with mental health related issues, and it has always been a passion of mine to respond to the calls where mental health plays a key part in why the police are being requested.  I would love to get further education on mental health related issues and the underlying medical issues that play a role in this, and be able to work one on one with people suffering from all levels of mental health.

I am also wanting to explore the world of OBGYN and gastroenterology.  I have intestinal issues that cause me to have colonoscopies annually, so the medical expenses for that alone are causing a significant financial setback.  After suffering from some feminine issues as it relates to having children, my fascination with the reasons why women's bodies go through what they do leads me to want to pursue education and help find a solution to these issues. 

School is not cheap, especially when you're having to work one full time job, one part time job, and as much overtime as possible just to make ends meet.  And, even with all that, I still can't seem to get ahead.  The school recommends that those going through the nursing program do not work at all, and if they still choose to work, that they not work more than 20 hours per week.  Well, that is just not financially possible. I need to work, but I also desperately need this career change.  I need this degree. 

I will use the money raised 100% for school tuition and books for my classes.  My school estimates the cost to obtain the Bachelor's degree for nursing to be close to $15,000 (books excluded).  Thankfully, I already have a degree in Criminal Justice so that alone is cutting out a significant portion of the prerequisites, however, there are still a few I need to take.  

I am more dedicated now than I have ever been to be successful in school and to make this career change happen.  Significant sacrifices will be made, but I need help with the cost of tuition and books.  

Every penny will be appreciated more than words can begin to describe. I am truly thankful and grateful from the bottom of my heart. If you have questions, please let me know. I am an open book and more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  

Thank you in advance!


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