Help Deborah remain in her home during cancer recovery!

Help Deborah remain in her home during cancer recovery!

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Deborah Elizabeth Lotus has been battling breast cancer since Jan.'18. With weekly chemotherapy for 8 months; perhaps another 5 months to go, she cannot work her normal hours and could face eviction again in 4 months...

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Sept. 2, 2018 update: Thanks to all contributions, the eviction notice has been 'lifted' --for now--but Deborah's lease has been changed to a month-to-month basis by the landlord as he would no longer give her an annual lease, even though she is all paid up, with even a month in advance payment.

Although her prognosis is much improved, she can't know when she will be able to go back to work full time, and still needs help with funds for ongoing rent until she can work full-time again.  The landlord has threatened another eviction notice if she can't keep current on a monthly basis; so she needs your help to continue living peacefully in her apartment for at least another 6 months.                To her shock and dismay, she has been turned down by the Arlington House Authority for elder housing! The reason   reads: "Applicant has a history of non-payment of rent; if repeated by a tenant in public housing, (this) would cause monetary loss."            She was up to date in her rent until the diagnosis and treatment of cancer,  so this decision seems not only ironic but oxymoronic! She has asked for a hearing to present her 'extenuating circumstances' and will fight it with the help of Greater Boston Legal Aid;   but in the meantime, this is stressful and time and energy consuming. 

She is still optimistic that she is headed towards perfect health by all measures and reports of her progress -- and is keeping her eyes on the prize!  The treatment and healing process still long, and she has at least another 5 months of treatment ahead of her. Thankfully, she is through with the 'Taxol' (chemotherapy.)--the roughest part of the treatment and from 'here on out' will need only the 'targeted anti-body' treatment every 3rd week, but it is unknown when she will be deemed "in remission" and be able to return to teaching and  'full income' again-- adequate for the rent and other daily living expenses. The good news is this regime has a very high success rate for breast cancer that has metastasized to the liver, and her 'markers' are right on target.          

 In the meantime, she continues to need our help in order to maintain stable housing and peace of mind during these final stages of treatment and full recovery.

Deborah has given so much to many of us with her generous spirit, knowledge, compassion, free "Hip Joint", "Somatic Movement" Feldenkrais lessons and help with our day-to-day comfort and ease. This fundraiser has been created on her behalf, and we hope you can consider donating toward her housing stability. Deborah is and has been an angel to many of us here in Greater Boston, and we are all praying for her speedy recovery!            

Please donate and share this with everyone you know who loves Deborah as much as we do. We are asking the local Feldenkrais and healing arts community, Family, Friends Fans of Deborah from Boston and beyond to donate what you can from your heart. 

With heart, thank you   - of Deborah Elizabeth Lotus

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