Dean's Ark

From Dean Hutchby

We are on a mission to encourage all young autistic children, teens and adults to stay on the warrior path as we are building communes to help all the rejected autistic adults of society form their own family.

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Dean’s Ark will be a an American based non-profit charitable organization that falls under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service tax code. We will be registering a DBA locally as we plan to build a presence here in Jefferson County, Southeast Texas before departing to Denver and Oakland. We will incorporate once I establish relationships with everyone and plan to use Quickbooks Online to track all expenses incoming and outgoing. We work with officials each step of the way following the advice of our team of lawyers. We will also appoint and maintain a Texas registered agent to remain in good standing with the State of Texas as we plan to generate much tax revenue for the State.

Our mission is loud and clear. Save all the autistic children as we part the sea of enlightenment for all warriors who choose this path. We will be forming skateboarding and break-dancing leagues to help encourage youth to stay on the warrior path. I want to build a fleet of food trucks that encourage kids to eat alkaline-powered foods. All food items will be alkaline-based and we will have different propaganda to encourage young adults to join one of our Mushroom Kingdom communes where we help detox and heal those who need our help after the COVID-19 pandemic. All profits will be funneled into these 2 programs to help all children of America have a chance to succeed.

We will be creating a new fundraiser page with a goal of USD $333,333. We want to purchase an Airstream camper van and attached food truck so we can tour local festivals and affluent RV parks as we plant seeds of awakening. I plan to travel city to city specifically looking for all the fellow autistic warriors who society rejects and shuns away. We will help those locked away in psychiatric hospital after psychiatric hospital. This is where I will need your help. We will need to form a team of lawyers so we can help emancipate these young teens and adults so we can be their guardians on one of our many communes I plan to have across the globe on every continent as long as all leaders are willing to work with me. I respect all true warriors who have surrended to the cosmic duality of love.

This first fundraiser goal will cover expenses related to mission objectives to save all the autistic children of America. We will purchase an Airstream camper van that allows me access in all affluent areas of America. We will purchase 3 used school buses as I send warriors out to recruit. All items will have insurance to cover losses. I currently work in leadership in the fast food industry and can easily identify potential warriors on the street as they look up to me and know I can guide them to what they want. $. As long as they work hard, they know they can make a lot of money with me. I weed out all the weak ones.

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