Dating a Gamer - What You Need to Know

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Have you started dating somebody who is a gamer? The truth is that dating a gamer is not much different from dating anybody else; they still need all the same things that you need like love, respect, quality time spent together, and good communication. But understanding your gamer partner and what makes them tick can help you have an even better relationship. When it comes to how they want to spend their free time, how to spend time together, and what gifts to get them, learning about and understanding their favorite hobby is only going to help them realize that they really have found their ideal person in you.

Understanding this Hobby:

If you are not a gamer, you might find it difficult to understand the hobby. Gaming can also be quite an isolating hobby unless your mate is really into multi-player games, and if you’re more of a social person, this can also be difficult to get your head around. In reality, it’s best to just accept it for what it is. After all, gaming is how your partner likes to spend their free time. It can also be quite positive – you don’t have to worry about what to get them for Christmas, for example, since the latest game release will be awesome. Plus, many studies have shown that gaming can be good for your health.

Planning a Date Night:

Planning a date night for a gamer doesn’t have to be anything different than planning a date night with somebody who doesn’t play video games. You can go to that fancy restaurant or watch the latest movie you’ve been wanting to see. But accompanying them in their hobby is going to stand out as something special that you’ll do for them, so if you’re planning a special day to cheer them up after a long week or to celebrate their birthday, offering to play a game together for your date night will be a winner. Don’t think that you have to go with whatever they’re playing right now, either – check out games that you will both be interested in, so you can both have fun. If you’re long-distance, online gaming together can be the perfect way to spend time together when you’re physically apart.

Will Gaming Impact My Relationship?

If you are dating a die-hard gamer, chances are that it’s going to always be something to consider in your relationship because it’s a huge part of your partner’s life. For the most part, it will just be a hobby that they spend time on and something you can do together for fun. In some cases, gaming might impact your relationship negatively, if your partner spends so much time gaming that they forget to speak to you, this will become a problem for most people. Clear communication, stating what you need, and setting boundaries are essential here. Perhaps agree on a schedule that works for you both where you both get ample hobby time but are spending plenty of quality time together too.

The good news is that despite popular belief, gamers are not constantly glued to their console. You can definitely have a fulfilling and successful relationship with somebody who loves to game.  

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