Help me survive this trauma, I only one day left!

Help me survive this trauma, I only one day left!

From Lyn Garcio

After escaping from this traumatic experience, I'm facing a new fear; if the rent's not paid by morning, I'll be left stranded and unable to survive on the cold rainy streets. I ask to count on you for emergency help.

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Update #2

18 days ago

What more can I say or share, if I don't receive your help, if I cant pay this rent, if I'm left freezing on the rainy streets, this female will not survive one-day. I am an emotional wreck and am very scared, Please don't let this happen to me.

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Would've. Could've. Should've. We've all felt this way before, knowing we can't go back, so what do we do when we keep getting kicked down and it becomes too exhausting to get back up. I’m not a quitter yet it's getting to feel as if maybe I just don't deserve to even have a home anymore. Hopefully, you can help change that.

With so much to explain, I know this is a lot to read, but I want you to understand the full scope and appreciate you taking the time to do so. It's been very difficult to reach out sharing the humiliation and embarrassment that has happened to me. I'll be beyond grateful if you will help in any way you can, especially with only a few days left.

I should’ve moved into a new home already or at least secured a rental to move into at the beginning of the month, excited to plan everything out and set to begin enjoying life again. Instead, I'm fearing my next home may be on the streets before even this month ends. I barely made it through this incredible ordeal; this can't be the reward.

I've lived in some great places, even the first on my own at only seventeen, many years ago. The last several years my intelligence and intuition seem to have failed me having run into one rental scam or distrustful landlord after another. I thought I'd seen and been through it all, until now.

Late last year the nightmare was only beginning when my savings, over 10K, was stolen from my account. Before I could begin to recoup the money, I was hit with an illegal eviction, the only notice was to vacate on the spot. Not enough to deal with already, it only got worse.

I checked into a motel that day with the little money left, unaware of how long it would be until I secured a new home. I soon reached the maximum number of nights allowed having to check out. Off to the second motel, and again about to reach the maximum nights, but this time with my next check a week late I'm about to run out of money.

Luck seemed to take a turn when I received a call from someone I met earlier who recently started a mutual aid. I was put in touch with another who'd cover my last week at the motel, a huge sigh of relief, or so I thought. I had no idea it would become one of the worst nightmares of my life.

As a long-established company, I thought I could trust them. I only expected to receive and be grateful for the week's help. Instead of making a simple payment it turned into days of unnecessary delays and fear when they suggested I wait in the streets until and if they did.

To get the motel paid on time, I had to overdraw my new bank account. They said they'd reimburse me but never did. With the fees, it was a huge chunk out of my next check and money to move. They finally paid the motel but only for the last remaining days. It didn't stop there; the nightmare just began.

I received a copy of an email they copied to others outside their company sharing not only their offering fulfilled but my detailed personal and private info too. Livid, I went straight to the top of the company. They appeared concerned, then quickly changed the subject offering to pay 90 days of temporary rent (to find a place), then, the first 6 months of my rent. Was this for real or would it come at a cost I’d never expect, or anyone could, and it did it ever.

Payment of the temporary and regular rent should've been just that, but they wanted control of my life too. Having to check-out of the motel, they decided I’d stay at a homestay (like Vrbo or Airbnb) instead. Rather than a ridesharing (like Uber or Lyft), they sent someone in an unmarked van 40 miles to drive me to the temporary stay they refused to disclose only 10 minutes away. But, before I'd leave, they called the motel arranging my check-out and had something more to say causing me to be chased out, threatened and nearly attacked by motel staff. Just 2 days prior they sent another from the company to deliver boxes of unnecessary goods, later to realize they were sent to watch and photograph me.

Once left at the homestay, the company refused my calls, now only email or text. Then not even halfway through the 90 days, I received a message, with no explanation I was being sent to another homestay. This time the address miles away was disclosed, assumed sent in error. I informed the company it was a fake; they denied what I said even with proof; refusing to re-book even at no cost, making clear if I don’t go, they will leave me on the streets.

Instead of sending someone to drive me this time. they sent a rideshare as well as demands when to be ready and waiting. For over 4 hours, the company taunted me with over 350 text messages until a car finally arrived. In the duration, they again sent out people to watch and photograph me, bragging in their texts. I had no idea what was going on and couldn’t believe what I got myself into, who to call, who would believe me or who could help.

I got into the rideshare only to be left standing with my bags; no one answered, nor were any notes or keys left. I called the homestay company, never to reach anyone in the US for help. An hour later, someone came out of nowhere asking who I was and why I was there. Recognizing them by their picture in the listing, I confronted them on it being fake; their response “I don’t know what you are talking about”. I then received a text, We know you are there. In front of me, they were then on the phone together, “on-speaker”. The person from the company talking badly about me said, “If you don’t want them there, leave them on the street”. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Just when they were about to agree to leave me on the street, I was rushed back to the actual rental hidden from site and left there. It was a 250sf detached room with no heat, no windows, no plumbing or electrical, and only a sliding glass door to enter from a wobbly ramp. It had a fridge, microwave, TV and minimal lighting, all run via extension cords from outside, and no Wi-Fi. The only place to sit was the bed, floor or toilet; even the exterior walls were unfinished with only plastic to cover the framing; it was even worse than expected.

I knew immediately the rental was illegal, uninhabitable and dangerous. I took pictures of everything, sending them to both the company contact and the homestay company. The homestay extended their offer to re-book at no cost, but the company again refused, sending me a message "I am not to contact the homestay company again". I replied. "I'd report the unit to the city and contact the media", but only received a reply If you leave at any time, you won't receive the 6 months rent for a new home".

The living conditions, along with no showering, laundering, or taking out any trash, and not being allowed to leave even for food for 7 weeks; no one would know where to find me if something happened, it was like I was a hostage or was kidnapped. I had to get out asap, so I placed the calls to have proof to back my words. Immediately not one but four inspectors came out citing the owner (the person listing was a renter) and placing it under investigation having said in the first minutes, No one should be living here, everything about it is illegal, and submitted it for emergency relocation

My way out turned on me. The city office handling the relocation, without my knowledge or consent contacted the company, unaware they coerced my stay. Again, they had something more to say, causing the city offices involved to cease all contact with me. I couldn’t believe what was happening and how I’d get out of it now; my plan was blown. As it was still paid, if I could survive it, I had to stay until I saved enough for a motel, sneak out for food and take sponge baths from the sink, but it wouldn’t last long. With the company now aware I reported the property too, they'd contact the one who listed it and did.

If I heard a voice or footsteps I’d cringe in fear; something was about to happen, and it did. They illegally entered posting a sign of intended demolition with the date after the stay was paid to, a message they knew I reported them. Two days later, while asleep, they attempted to break into the room. Shaking, I grabbed my clothes, and peeked thru the glass door, they said, “You have to leave now, it’s not safe for you to be here”. I told them to put it in writing; they said, “I can’t”, then finally walked away. I knew I had to get out of there that day, but before I figured out how, they cut the power, no lights or heat; I called the police.

I got dressed and made sure everything was packed and ready to go; I wanted to see them arrested first. Hours later, still waiting, the power inside went on and exterior lighting turned off, and a camera was posted to watch me. Still waiting, they tried to break in again. More afraid, I peeked thru the glass door again; they said, “You need to come outside, I need to talk to you”. I told them they can talk to the police when they get there. They said, Police, I don’t know who that is, who's police, then pointing to a piece of paper taped to the glass said, “I wrote it like you said, you have to come out to read it.” I said, “show the police”, and they walked away. I wasn’t going to let them in or near me at all.

The police finally arrived, eight hours after I called; then morning, now dark and very cold, too late to leave without a car. I wanted them arrested but by then the police didn’t do much. I showed both papers left, the second saying, To make it convenient to leave now they’d return the money to me, if I’d email them, refusing a phone number or to approach their door. They told the police they would, and the police told me to send the email, and I responded, “they never will”.

Finally, my way out; no. Three days emailing with clear instructions, “Once I receive the money I will then and only then confirm my new stay and call for a rideshare”, but they would only do so by check “after” I and my bags vacated, a bad check at that and or would give access to my bank account. They then emailed they contacted the homestay company who said I could stay; only another lie.

The next morning, I woke to water coming through the ceiling onto my face; it poured rain for two and a half days. The more it rained the more water poured through, the ceiling cracking and plaster coming down, eighty buckets full, the bed soaked, and I didn’t sleep. Twenty emails plus were sent making clear the ceiling’s about to crash down, but they refused to do anything unless I wrote them a “special invitation”. Aware I was in more danger, they still never showed. One week left, I made it this far, I slept on the cold hard floor next to the sink.

Finally, another email was received, "a reminder check-out was the next morning", like nothing ever happened. It was then clear they never wrote any emails or notices received, they were copied and pasted, all written by the company that forced me to stay there. My departing email was already prepared to be sent the final night, giving specific instructions as if a restraining order, making clear the police were alerted. They were to confirm in reply but never did, nor did they stay away, charging right for me as I carried my bags out and away.

I could’ve put up a fight not to vacate, but nothing was worth more than my sanity or life. The company never made available the 6 months of rent offered; as much as it is needed, as much as I needed to count on it, I never thought they would. What was done to me was pure evil, unexplainable and inexcusable; I still have no idea who those involved really are or why this happened to me.

Throughout, I saved enough to pay first and security to move into a new place, but it couldn’t happen in one day. I could only check back into a motel hoping to recover from the traumatic ordeal. Nearly a month later, with my money soon gone in days, I’m facing a new fear, my next home before the month ends may be on the streets in freezing rain. My nightmares still haven’t stopped, I can’t handle more.

I don't have enough money left to continue my stay at the motel (150+ per night) or any longer have enough for a monthly rental and home (1-2,000 per month). I don’t have anyone to call on who can help, I don't have access to any other money, I don’t qualify for any of the rental assistance established for so many, and I don’t have anywhere to turn to. I'll be beyond grateful if you will help in any way you can, especially with only a few days left.

Thank you for listening, understanding, and caring; it means a lot, more than any words can convey.

*Names, pronouns and photos have been omitted for legal purposes.

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Lyn Garcio posted a new update:
18 days ago

Update #2

What more can I say or share, if I don't receive your help, if I cant pay this rent, if I'm left freezing on the rainy streets, this female will not survive one-day. I am an emotional wreck and am very scared, Please don't let this happen to me.

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Lyn Garcio posted a new update:
20 days ago

Update #1

How loud does someone have to scream for a person to stop and care? I cannot do this alone anymore, why I have been asking for help. I'm not ready to give after I fought so hard to survive to let them win now, but I cannot do this one alone, without you, without your help. All moneys will be gone at the end of this week! Do I sit there freezing on the streets, watching all I own be stolen, then, I'd rather not think what will happen to me. I have no living family, I cannot make excuses of those called friends, I am not one to beg or plead, but please will you help, I have no where else to turn and only one day left. I sound so pathetic here, this is not who I am, I just want to survive.

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