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This campaign has been established to raise money for the legal defenses of a man wrongly accused of battery for the defensive use of pepper spray. The attack stemming from the victims adornment of the US flag.

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Darien is a free speech activist, bike courier, and Chicago native. While making a usual stop at a 7/11 on September 3rd before the downtown dinner rush, Darien was confronted by a man because he was wearing the US flag. The confrontation startled Darien as he had been the victim of over a dozen assaults in 2020, within the city of Chicago. 

After attempting to neutralize situation verbally some racial and political motivations became clear, as the man had exclaimed "that flag has my blood on it". 

Darien's intentions that day were to go downtown, complete some deliveries, and go home with some money.  This which is nearly second nature to him has become a struggle do to his fear of racial and political discrimination and attack, stemming from the over dozen incidents in 2020 alone. This mans intentions seem to have been to harass white people downtown while wearing shirts that say "FUCK RACISM".

Darien left the establishment to avoid further confrontation. As he left the man (Jordan) followed Darien to the exit and exposed his genitals while making suggestive taunts. Darien then reported the incident to the police. While waiting for the police outside, Jordan exited the 7/11 and taunted Darien while looking for his ride. Darien asserted that Jordan must leave him alone and allow police to settle the matter. Jordan exclaimed that "they aint fucking coming" before charging Darien into the street yelling "Im going to fuck yo ass up!"  Darien stepped backwards into the street several steps shouting "backup!" before drawing his pepper spray and spraying Jordan. http://

After being sprayed Jordan began grovelling and blaming Darien which drew a crowd. Given the optics and current social narratives supported by media and CRITICAL RACE THEORY, the on lookers began berrating Darien as a racist, demonizing him and threatening him. 

When the police finally arrived the crowd was riled against Darien and began giving their versions of the incident, painting Darien as a racist. The only witness in support of Darien was shooed away by police. Some responding police acted aggressively, shining their lights in Darien's eyes and asking, "Did you spray him or not?!". Some police in the downtown district have expressed their disinterest or distaste for Darien's flavor of Free Speech Advocacy.

On September 3rd Darien was charged with BATTERY -CAUSING BODILY HARM because he used pepper spray to defend himself against another attack.

He needs any help he can with legal fees as the case will likely draw on many months. Darien is refusing a plea deal and maintains that he is innocent. 

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