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Hi! My name is Darby and my dream is to own a home. I am not talking about a mansion. I am talking about a 1300 sqft or less home for me and my dog, Odie. I have found a home I love and one that would be perfect. I have taken a home buyer's class that will help me with down payment assistance. Unfortunately for me, I went to school and am currently in grad school. What does that mean? My student loans are affecting my debt to income ratio and that is not allowing me to obtain a very modest mortgage. Everything else financially is as much in order as it needs to be for home buying. In fact, buying a home will help me save money over renting where I currently live...So what am I needing? $6800. That's all. Well for me that is a lot, but it will help change my debt to income ratio enough to qualify me for the loan and receive the down payment assistance. I don't really have anyone that can cosign or can gift me that (as my lender suggested-realistic it is not). So... anything you could do to help would be great. My time frame is short. The housing market where I live moves very fast and my lease is up in my current apartment in May. (Also, I have to give 60 days notice, ugh.) I appreciate anything you can do to help and will be eternally grateful if it helps me become a homeowner. 

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