Darakeh Tehran

Darakeh Tehran

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Tehran is a city full of excitement and a place to immerse yourself in the ancient history of Iran. You might think that a leisure trip to the capital is not a good idea, but on the contrary; Greater Tehran has many historical and recreational attractions, museums and palaces that you should visit at least once in your life. But in this article, we are going to talk about understanding Tehran. Darakeh is an area in the north of Tehran that is very cozy and far from the hustle and bustle of Tehran for sightseeing, which restores your soul and spirit. But if you are not a resident of the capital, it is enough to book one of Tehran's hotels for a few days and visit its famous places. We suggest that you choose one of the best hotels in Tehran so that you can benefit from special facilities during your stay.

About Darakeh

Darakeh is a mountain valley that is about 800 years old and dates back to the 5th century of Hijri. The tomb of Imamzadeh Seyyed Mohammad Vali, who is a descendant of Imam Sajjad, is located in this neighborhood. This area is summer and most of its people are engaged in gardening and agriculture. This will greatly help to clean the air in this area.

Ways to reach Darakeh

After staying in Tehran hotels, you can follow three routes to reach Darakeh. It should be noted that you have easy access to this neighborhood with your car or public transportation. On the first route, you must enter Chamran highway and after passing Rashiduddin Fadlullah Street, enter Davodian Street. Then you can walk the path leading to Darakeh. In the second route, you should take Yadgar Imam highway. Enter Evin Street to reach Darakeh. On the third route, from Tajrish Square, enter Darakeh Street and enjoy the route.

What hotels have a shorter distance to Darakeh

If you are one of those people who cares about being close to attractions, then you should be careful when booking a hotel in Tehran to book hotels that are less far from Darakeh. Among the hotels near Darakeh, Tehran; Parsian Azadi Hotel, Tehran Parsian Evin Hotel, Balut Hotel Tehran and Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran can be mentioned. Learn more about these hotels.

Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran

Parsian Azadi Tehran Hotel with its five stars has been serving the guests of the capital since 1354 until now. It is located at the intersection of Evin, and you are about 10 minutes away from Darakeh neighborhood by car. This hotel has luxury facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, gym, restaurant, conference hall, business room, coffee shop, etc.

Parsian Evin Hotel in Tehran

Four-star Parsian Evin Hotel was established in 1348. This hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Tehran that serves a large number of tourists every year. It is about 10 minutes by car from this residence to Darakeh. There are facilities such as Iranian and Chinese restaurants, meeting and conference halls, swimming pools, shops, hairdressers, coffee shops, etc. in this hotel. Evin Hotel is located at the intersection of Yadgar Imam highway.

Balut Hotel Tehran

Three-star Belout Hotel was established in 2015 in Velanjak, Tehran. This hotel is 8 minutes away from Derka and has facilities such as sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi, massage, gym, coffee shop, Iranian and Italian restaurant, conference hall and meeting hall.

Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

The five-star Spinas Palace Hotel was established in 2014 at the end of the Yadgar Imam highway, which is 12 minutes away from Darakeh. This hotel, which is one of the most booked and popular hotels in Tehran, has facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, restaurant, coffee shop, shopping center, etc. You can easily book hotels in the capital from Cita.ir and experience a pleasant trip.

Derkeh restaurants

After a pleasant and pleasant walk and tour of Darakeh area, you can make yourself a guest of one of Darakeh restaurants and enjoy delicious food in a beautiful and green environment. "SPU Restaurant Cafe" is one of the restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal in small pavilions for several people or in the main hall with a great view. This restaurant offers you traditional and authentic Iranian dishes along with different side dishes. You can also order a coffee or a hot drink from its coffee shop menu and enjoy it after eating.

"Evan Restaurant" is considered one of the most popular restaurants in Darakeh that offers traditional dishes to customers. We suggest that you invite yourself to have lunch or dinner after booking a hotel in Tehran and exploring Darakeh neighborhood.

"Pasializ Restaurant Cafe" has prepared gazebos and glass huts for you to eat in a green and pleasant atmosphere. Beside the private fireplaces in each pavilion, warm yourself in the cool air and drink a hot sweet tea after eating.

"Boca Italian Restaurant" is located in the southernmost part of Darakeh neighborhood. In this restaurant, you can experience delicious Italian food with high quality and the most delicious taste. You can find everything from pasta to Italian style pizzas in this restaurant. The handmade and natural drinks of this restaurant are very popular; So be sure to try these drinks.

Among other restaurants and cafes in Darakeh, we can mention Alborz Restaurant, Gelnar Restaurant, Manli Restaurant, Gil Cafe and Safa Restaurant Bagh.

Darakeh tourist attractions

Darakeh has a mountainous and cool climate, which is why it is considered a good place for hiking and sightseeing. Also, tourist attractions and places of interest are available to tourists. You can go to Darakeh after staying in one of the hotels in Tehran and enjoy these attractions. Darakeh River, Kara Jungle, Kalaq Chin Peak, Panlangchal Sanctuary, Haft Hoz Waterfall, Imamzade Seyyed Mohammad Vali, Hosseinieh Darakeh, etc. are among the tourist and religious places in Darakeh that you can have easily access.

Finally, if you are planning to travel to Tehran and visit Darakeh area, visit Sita Reservation and view all hotels in Tehran for easy booking. In this system, you can compare hotel prices and book one of the best or cheapest hotels across the country.

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