Danuel Drayton's Defense Fund

Danuel Drayton's Defense Fund

From Alexander Dew

I need your help raising funds, Danuel Drayton’s motive is being a victim of Directed Energy Weapon attacks Which we’re all vulnerable to being without adequate help Imagine being innocent without proper representation

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I'm Alexander, and the reasons for this campaign being important to me are because I'm a victim of Directed Energy Weaponry attacks who's interviewed a former CIA engineer named Dr. Robert Duncan, he admits the Government and other countries are attacking citizens with weapons emitting invisible frequencies which allows the person who's attacking you to speak to you in your brain, change your emotions, cause memory loss and synchronize electromagnetic energy with the magnetic elements within your body carrying a negative and positive charge of - electrons and + protons to completely control you, like

1.      Oxygen

2.      Carbon

3.      Hydrogen

4.      Nitrogen

5.      Calcium

6.      Phosphorus

7.      Potassium

8.      Sulfur

9.      Sodium

10.  Chlorine

11.  Magnesium

During the interview with Dr. Robert Duncan, he admits the Government began testing Directed Energy Weapons on Black citizens and impoverished communities.

In fact, Danuel Drayton is the 3rd Black male within the previous 6 years whose motive for committing violent crimes are being a victim of Directed Energy Attacks.

I know this seems unbelievable, and if I'd never experienced this before, I wouldn't believe it was possible, but like, large boats sailing across the oceans, electricity, cars, planes flying in the sky, and other things which at first seemed like impossible phenomenons, the abilities of Directed Energy Weapon attacks will remain unknown unless you're taught.

learn more at www.microwaved.news

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