CancerCare Donations for Dan Cormier's Birthday and X-Mas 2013

CancerCare Donations for Dan Cormier's Birthday and X-Mas 2013

From Dan Cormier

It's the last day for donations! If you want to know more, read this:

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This year, instead of just amassing more stuff, I'd like to take a shot at doing a little collective good. My friends and family came through and raised an incredible $1500 for Charity:water last year. That was mind blowing. This year, I’m using my birthday and Christmas to try to raise $500 for CancerCare (a seriously great charity) and help out some people in need. I’ve started this party off by contributing $100 today.

So, why am I doing this again?

The donations I received last year were the best gift. I know it's nice to surprise someone with a gift, and those of you that would rather buy me something (or nothing) are welcome to do so, but meeting my donation goal is the best gift Seriously. I'll be overjoyed.

Why CancerCare?

  • CancerCare gives grants and support to cancer-patients and their families.
  • The donations go where they should. Check out their annual report:
  • I’ve heard about the medical bills, and even with insurance, I know it’s tough.

How to donate

  • Go to
  • Choose a donation amount and punch in your credit card info (or if you'd like, you can give me cash and I'll make a donation in your name)

Donations can be made anonymously if you choose so, and I'll be happy to know that my family and friends care enough to give what they can and help out some folks. If you have any questions or you just want to call me a jackass for doing this (again), get in touch. And here are a few links for those of you looking for more info.

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