Dad with Multiple Sclerosis and 1 Year old nephew.

Dad with Multiple Sclerosis and 1 Year old nephew.

From Mark Cody Myers

Your donations are specifically for my Dad and my 1 year old nephew. My dad has MS and is desperately needing a new scooter. My 1 year old nephew lives with us now (parenting issue) and needs medical check ups.

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Hello everyone. I'm coming with some urgency and desperation for help. I'm out of ideas and help is hard to find. My dad was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 10 years ago. It's a slow disease for him although all cases differ. As of this past year his symptoms and illness has progressed really fast. He hasn't been able to walk for about 6 years but now he's absolutely dependent on someone to help him to the toilet and up, to the bed and off, bathing etc. He cannot feel his bowel movements or his urinary system. He's an amazing man, husband and a great father. He's loving, caring, and he listens with politeness and would give the shirt off his back to anyone. He's taken in multiple family members from out of state that had issues with the law, he's a constant donor to many churches and hospitals. He's held high positions in his past profession in the car business and owned his own mortgage business. He always worked so hard just to see my mom, sister and myself smile. He needs a scooter and thats why i'm here. His scooter no longer fits his mobility needs. It runs out of battery in 10 minutes, its worn, the key ignition is not reliable and when he drives forward the reverse alarm goes off loudly. The scooter I found was roughly $900. It would give him everything back except walking. My nephew is 1 years old. My sister and the dads father are in no position to parent him. They dropped him off and left him with me and my 76 year Mom and Dad. My Mom called and I left my apartment and job in Chicago to help. I had no choice. The baby needs a lot and I found a website that offers gig jobs 2-3 a week that doesn't cut the bills for baby food, diapers, family food etc. He's a beautiful, innocent boy who deserves the best and we do everything for him, unfortunately, everything costs money and the physical and mental battle for my fragile and old Mom is too much and I personally have no solution. I am tired. We are tired and broken. Having help to purchase the scooter would help tremendously as I wouldn't have to wake up to carry my Dad to the bathroom in the middle of the night. My Dad loves to be outside just for fresh air but it takes a village to make that happen. My nephew, the light of my life and my families as well needs this help too. If we get help with this, my Dad and my nephew both will be helped tremendously and with that my Mom can relax finally and I can take a small break before getting back to work. That being said, with any donation given I would gladly repay in anyway even money once back at work and i'd greatly appreciate the chance to meet/speak with any donors for sincere, face to face or over the phone thanks to your giving. Please help me so I can help my small family. Thank you all. 

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