D's Legal Fees

D's Legal Fees

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On Sept 2nd Darien was sexually harassed and then assaulted. These attacks have become common place, in Chicago. He was charged with battery for pepper spraying his attacker. He is fighting but needs your help.

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D has been a free speech activist as long as he has been a bike courier.

Everyday he dares to risk his body against the element and city traffic to deliver food to Chicago citizens. 

On September 2nd, D stopped for a Vitamin water at a 7/11 downtown before the dinner rush. A man followed him inside and cornered him to berate him for his US flag mask. The man began touching and harassing Darien. Darien was defensive and left the establishment. The perpetrator followed him to the door and flashed his genitals making a comment about felacio  to Darien.

Darien reported this incident to the police but was confronted again outside the 7/11. When he exclaimed that the police were on their way, the man assaulted Darien vowing to "fuck him up" and "beat his ass".

After retreating into the street Darien drew his pepper spray while screaming "GET BACK".

The man only ceased his harassment and assault after being pepper sprayed. At this point a crowd gathered and accused D of racism and of being the aggressor.

Darien never got his Vitamin water.

He needs our help securing legal council and mental health treatment. Lets help Darien get justice!

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