Community Custom Emergency Support Vehicle

Community Custom Emergency Support Vehicle

From Daniel Rowell

I am raising money to purchase a 6x6 Military M35A2 Deuce and a Half vehicle to build into a Custom Emergency Support Vehicle to travel to, and from Communities local and afar, to assist in natural disaster relief.

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My name is Daniel, and my dream is to build and load up a 6x6 M35A2 Military Deuce and a Half. I have always enjoyed helping people that were broken down on the side of the road, or relief after a natural disaster. My goal is to build a truck that holds all of the necessary components, tools, and necessities. I have been working on vehicles for over 9 years, and I truly enjoy every minute of it. I have stopped to help countless people over the years from breakdowns, gas, flat tires, rides, and so much more and have never asked for a dime doing so.

A Deuce and a Half, otherwise known as a M35A2, is a retired military vehicle available for civilians to purchase and operate. They have 6 wheels, with 6 wheel drive, able to get in and out of the toughest terrain without any problems. The engine can run off of virtually anything combustible, which makes it the perfect vehicle to drive in an emergency. The vehicle can also tow massive trailers loaded with material for disaster relief. The starting price of one to purchase is around $6,000 to $7,000. I am asking for help in purchasing one so that I can be of help to local communities in a time of need, and to help others as well.

I am originally from a Colorado and I had a small car loaded with everything needed to help someone who was stranded to get back on the road safely. I moved to Georgia 2 years ago and have had a desire to do the same thing I did years ago. I am asking for donations to help support some of those necessities and some are as follows:

  • Vehicle Purchase ($7,000)
  • Roof rack to support extra fuel, and water
  • First Aid from basic wounds to critical
  • Vehicle Recovery equipment (Tow straps, winch, tire chains, etc)
  • Vehicle Maintenance and upgrades
  • Emergency Strobe Lighting and Traffic Control equipment 
  • Custom, self-designed power system to supply power for cellphone charging, and other mobile devices. 
  • Satellite/4G based internet hotspot for connecting people to social media or make phone-calls.

The post will constantly be updated as we purchase the vehicle as well as upgrade, and this includes every dollar spent and where it is going on the vehicle, as well as logs showing where and when someone was assisted, and drive logs as well.

In the event of a natural disaster up to two states away, or potentially further. I would gladly spend my time and effort volunteering to support people affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, winter storms, tornadoes, roadside help, and much more.

I hope you can help support my dream to help people, and build my dream truck along in the process.

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