Curtis Is Innocent

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Curtis Is Innocent

From Ezra Morris

We’ve been fighting a losing batte for over four years and have finally had a breakthrough with the courts, and are now fundraising to assist with lawyer fees to help free Curtis from prison. Visit

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On June 10th, 2012, Curtis was feeding his daughter, Kairi, when she suddenly began to choke and subsequently quit breathing. He immediately began CPR, called 911, and called Kairi’s mother. EMT’s arrived on the scene a few minutes later, taking Kairi to the hospital where they administered CPR for at least another hour. Kairi passed away that night. 

Being Kairi’s caretaker at the time of the incident, Curtis was charged with her death and ultimately sentenced to 40 years in prison followed by 5 years of probation. The State’s case was built upon a false image of Curtis- one in which they painted him as a panicked and irresponsible 19-year-old not ready to take on parenthood. Of course, if you’ve ever spoken to Curtis, you would immediately know this as false. 

Curtis began dating Kairi’s mother, whom he met while working at the National Security Agency (NSA when she was several months pregnant. Knowing this, Curtis enthusiastically accepted his new role as a soon-to-be step-father. When Kairi was born, it was obvious to everyone around him that she was the absolute light of his life.  

Ignorant to legal proceedings, we were confident that the judge and jury would also see how much Curtis cared for Kairi and would find him innocent. The State’s Attorney had 26 years’ experience, while our lawyer had about 6 years’ of experience, and no experience defending against murder charges. It is this lack of experience that has ultimately Curtis four years of his life thus far. 

We (Curtis’ family) are currently fighting to get him a new trial to prove his innocence. No longer ignorant to the legal system, we have spent the past four years building Curtis’ case, and are confident that we can prove his innocence. We have begun working with a group of lawyers who are remarkably experienced in defending cases similar to but need financial assistance throughout this legal process. 

Please contribute whatever you can afford to help Curtis. If you wish to read more updates on Curtis, please follow

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