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We're moving! Although we've hit a major roadblock after we were unlawfully evicted from our home, we're going to make the best of a bad situation and get a fresh start in Albany GA. While we were trying to improve the conditions of a home we were living in by reporting the owner to the proper authorities, the owner was doing everything he could to evade repairing and improving the safety of his property.  So, when we threatened to report the owner after he refused to repair our wall and ceiling when they collapsed in the bathroom, he decided to file against us instead.

 He went to the local court and filed for non payment of rent, although we had paid, on time, every month we'd lived there. Since the home was actually being rented by 6 other roommates in addition to Joe and I, the owner collected the mail for all tenants and distributed it himself. This means that when the court notices and summons were delivered for the case filed against us, he was able to hide the evidence of his false filing from us, keeping or destroying the mail from the court. He was even so bold as to remove the court summons issued in our names and posted on the front door of the home by the sherriffs office, in an effort to hide the fact that he had filed, to keep us from having the opportunity to say our piece in court. 

Court was held on August 23, and we were evicted on September 15, 2022 with no notice. Since the Landlord, who drinks heavily, had bragged to another roommate that he was going to get us back for trying to make him repair things and leaked the information about the eviction, we technically had a day and a half to figure out what to do. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough time to prove the deception that the landlord had pulled off, or stop the eviction. All of our belongings were carried out to the sidewalk and left there in the pouring rain. We had no place to go, and no way to get there. Our car had been totalled by a drunk driver a couple of months before this, so we didn't even have a vehicle to use! Finally, after what seemed like forever, a friend was able to come pick us up, along with our belongings...but where were we going to stay?

Flash forward to October, we've been living in a small tent for almost 4 weeks.By the grace of God, we made it through 6 straight days of rain and subsequent flooding from hurricane Ian, but we have extremely limited access to electricity or running water, and the temperature is dropping more every week. We've tried every homeless shelter in both Cecil and Harford counties, but they are full. We don't have any friends or family thet can put us up in their homes, with the exception of my Mother who lives in Georgia. She's willing to help us get back on our feet, we just have to get to her!

We plan to take a bus from Baltimore to Albany GA by the 20th of October, but we need your help! Between the cost of bus tickets, checking bags, and other travel and personal expenses, we're still unable to relocate until we can raise some funds to do so. We both need to purchase a suitcase and backpack to pack our belongings in, luggage tags and space bags to help pack everything and still stay within the weight restrictions for luggage. Other expenses we may need to cover are a hotel room for the night before departure and transportation by UBER or taxi to the bus station the day we leave. 

We have both beaten some big obstacles in our lives, and this one is no different. We are both sober from drugs and alcohol due to our personal efforts and the love and support of our friends and families. We have no desire to return to that way of life, and in no way will any donations be used for anything unsavory or dangerous. We just want to continue to do the next right thing and regain our independence in order to have a better life. My mother is very involved in both Recovery and religious organizations, and will be there to help us on our road to success with the help of her numerous connections and affiliates. 

This is our opportunity to hit the reset button and work towards a new life in a new place.We wish this situation had never turned into such a catastrophe, but we also believe everything happens for a reason. Instead of just giving up, we're rising to the challenge and trying to overcome this roadblock with a little help from our friends.   

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