Crossing the Finish Line of Nursing School

Crossing the Finish Line of Nursing School

From Alyssa Hulman

These donations go towards allowing Alyssa to be able to register for the FINAL semester of nursing school -- including any additional fees and costs she may face.

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First of all, I am Laura, a long-time friend of Alyssa's who has watched her overcome countless struggles in her life.  She is so close to finishing nursing school, through some of the toughest times this world has ever seen, and needs your help to complete that journey.  I am writing this for her and helped her set this up because she deserves support to make her goals a reality. 

Pursuing nursing school for Alyssa has come after overcoming some of life's hardest challenges.

She sat by as family members were ill and she couldn't do much more than give them love and kindness when all she wanted to do was give them more and do more.  

She overcame one of the darkest times in her life, that she still faces challenges from. She wants a better future for herself and proving to herself that she is more than what she believed for so long. 

And above all, she wants to become a nurse so she can give a better future for her beloved son. Her son is her whole world, her why, her reason behind all of this. 

Her son was diagnosed at a young age with a disease that makes every day living sometimes a nightmare.  From being careful to what he eats and how much energy he exerts to getting adequate and proper help from medical professionals when emergencies arise, simple situations can get very challenging.  She supports him and balances raising him into the incredible little boy he is with going through the demands of nursing school - all while juggling the new challenges of pandemic-era life while in a clinic setting.  

She faces all these challenges with her head held high and perseveres at all costs.

She inspires me every single day - as a friend, as a mom, and as a future nurse.  She gives her heart and soul to being a mom, to work, and to school.  She is an incredible person and I am so blessed to know her and to have known her for nearly two decades. 

She has come so far in her nursing career and she is so close to finishing school, she just needs your help to cross the finish line.  Help Alyssa today and help her goals and dreams of supporting her son and herself prepare for a new chapter in becoming a nurse. 

Thank you.

 - Laura

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