Cross-Country Transfer

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Cross-Country Transfer

From Bliss Titus

I'm currently in the process of moving across the country to pursue a degree in Animation, however, a lot of roadblocks are making that difficult to kickstart.

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To explain a little more in depth what's happening. My car finished off 2018 with the alternator going out and when attempting to fix it myself we found out that whoever had installed the last one put the bolts in the wrong side so we can't get the old one out. I can't afford to take it to a mechanic or get it towed but since it's on private property (my work's parking lot) it's being towed and I'll have to sign it over since I can't afford to get it out and repair it. I need money to get a new car as a first big start. I don't really need anything nice and I've even just been looking around facebook marketplace and craigslist for something cheap but in good enough condition to last me awhile. I also need additional funds to prepare for moving all of my stuff across the country and putting a down-payment on a new place to live.

I'm a self-taught artist working to make a career out of my passion. If you want to commission me rather than just donate, that works too!! You can find my commission page here:

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