Creating Custom Jewellery for Your Engagement

Creating Custom Jewellery for Your Engagement

From Alvina Jennifer

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There is nothing more unique than a custom piece of jewelry conjured up from an individual's imagination and tastes. You can spend all day browsing the internet or visiting jewelry shops, but you'll never really find a necklace or ring that is truly and uniquely you unless you create one yourself.

A piece of custom jewelry is the perfect way to enhance your everyday life - it can make you feel special, beautiful, and authentic. Many women, as blushing brides, have an amazing opportunity to craft a beautiful engagement or wedding ring for the occasion that they can truly call their own. And although a wedding is a great excuse to commission a stunning piece of custom jewelry, we also like to think that most other days can be fabulous days to celebrate yourself with custom jewelry too.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are designing an engagement or wedding ring: What will your dress look like? What other kind of jewelry will you be wearing? Do you want your engagement and wedding rings to match? The answers to questions like these will help guide you on your journey to the perfect finger sparkler.

Since you are already going through the process and expense of designing your own jewelry, why not go all out? This is the perfect time to throw modesty out the window and pull out the big guns. Create a ring that screams luxury by using big, beautiful diamonds and stunning white gold. If you're a fan of color, consider using emeralds, rubies and sapphires in addition to, or in place of, diamonds.

If you decide to go with diamonds, the first question you need to ask yourself is if you want one big, gorgeous diamond or a stunning array of them. Remember, this is your ring, so whatever you want goes. There really isn't anything you can dream up that a custom jeweler can't make a reality. So the question is, do I want a giant rock that shines on its own or a collection of incredible stones that will make jaws everywhere drop?

Another consideration you'll have to make is the color of your gold. White gold is all the rage right now, but have you ever thought about rose gold? This pinkish-colored gold is quite feminine, and many women describe it as a gold that positively glows. A visit to a Custom Jeweler in Philadelphia will offer you the opportunity to see each type and color of gold up-close (and on your finger) so that you can decide which shade best compliments your skin tone and personal style.

As for the actual design of the ring, many women tend to fret because they aren't actually designers. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. If you have even a ghost of an idea in your head, a prototype can be created. Looking for ideas? Search for rings that have won service awards and excellence awards. These service awards and excellence award winning designs might really catch your eye. More than likely, you'll see two or three rings that have aspects you love, and a jeweler can combine those features to make the ring of your dreams.

You already know that your wedding is a special day, so ensure you make the rest of your days as special and magical by creating a custom engagement or wedding ring.

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